Red Dead Online: Legendary Bounties Complete List

In Red Dead Online players can take on the role of a Bounty Hunter to earn money, gold, and other rewards. This role like others in the popular Rockstar made western features targets of varying degrees which payout different money and XP. The hardest and most rewarding bounties players can hunt are the Legendary Bounties. These Legendary Bounties are more difficult than standard bounties but payout better than bounties you complete in the overworld.

Legendary Bounties List in Red Dead Online

Image showing the Legendary Bounty Targets List for Red Dead Online.

There are currently 10 Legendary Bounties (with more to come) players can complete in Red Dead Online. These 10 bounties are accessible from any Bounty board throughout the various towns of the frontier. When you interact with the Bounty Board push the Legendary Bounty button to pull up the list shown in the screenshot above. On this list you will find the following possible targets:

Legendary Bounties (Base)

December 1st Added (Prestigious)

December 8th Added (Prestigious)

December 22 Added (Prestigious)

When you start one of the bounties listed above you will head to the location the bounty is located at. Here you will start a self contained mission that is completed when you kill or capture and deliver the target. Once you’ve completed the mission you will head back to the open-world where these bounties will enter a 30 minute cooldown before you can play another.

Completing the bounties above is a good way of getting a large amount of XP and cash from easy, but monotonous work. If you are trying to level up the bounty hunter role alternate between the legendary targets and normal bounties to really juice your XP gain. It takes a bit of effort to achieve level 20, but it can be done by grinding bounties fairly hard.

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