Red Dead Redemption Online: Yukon Nik Bounty Hunt Guide

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It’s Tuesday so that means it’s time to get your hands dirty in Red Dead Redemption Online with a new Legendary Bounty Hunt. This week’s Legendary Bounty hunt tasks you with hunting down Yukon Nik who is wanted Dead or Alive. To help you complete this hunt, check out the Yukon Nik Bounty Hunt guide below.

Where to Start Yukon Nik Bounty Hunt?

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To begin the Yukon Nik Legendary Bounty hunt you need to make your way to the nearest Bounty Board. At the Bounty Board scroll to the right to find the Legendary Bounty hunt for Yukon Nik. If you read the bounties description you will learn Nik is a Russian Trapper and Hunter who is wanted on multiple warrants for Murder and suspicion of the disappearance of a brave U.S. Marshal that was sent to apprehend him. You will also learn he keeps a Grizzly captive. When ready accept the hunt to watch a short cutscene and start the hunt.

Kill or Capture Yukon Nik

Image showing the location of Yukon Nik.

Note: Capturing Yukon Nik alive will net you better rewards than simply killing him. Keep this in mind if you wish to maximize your return on this bounty. Also keep in mind you only have two lives to complete this bounty.

After the cutscene you will start the bounty hunt. This bounty takes place at Fort Riggs near Strawberry. When you take control of you character head towards the fort. When you get close enough to the fort you will get an objective to take out Borodin’s Gang. To easily take out the gang go to the hill on the west side of the fort. Here you can use the boxes as cover while you pick off the gang. Keep in mind there are bears locked up in cages on the east and west sides of the fort. If you ignore them they shouldn’t open.

Image showing Yukon Nik and the US Marshall.

Once you’ve cleared out the gang a cutscene will trigger and Yukon Nik will come out of the cabin in the middle of the fort with the U.S. Marshall. This triggers a dead eye sequence. Take out Nik and a bunch more of his posse will spawn in around the camp. Clear them out then take Nik to the nearest Jail which happens to be Strawberry. You will not get attacked on your way to the jail.

Upon delivery of Yukon Nik dead or alive you will receive Gold for your troubles. This ends our look at the Yukon Nik Legendary Bounty. If you have any tips or tricks you wish to share, drop them in the comments section below. Happy bounty hunting.

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