Red Dead Redemption Online: Philip Carlier Bounty Hunt Guide

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There’s is a new Legendary Bounty Hunt for players to complete in Red Dead Redemption Online. This Bounty Hunt tasks you with tracking down Philip Carlier. To help you complete this hunt check out our Philip Carlier Bounty Hunt guide below.

Where to Start Legendary Philip Carlier Bounty

Image showing the Philip Carlier legendary bounty.

Make your way to the nearest bounty board and interact with it to collect the Philip Carlier bounty. Carlier is wanted for embezzlement and murder. The bounty for Carlier is paid out in cash on Carlier being captured dead or alive. Once you select the bounty a short cutscene will play and the bounty will start.

Kill or Capture Philip Carlier

Image showing Carlier in the Swamps.

Note: Capture Philip Carlier alive will net you better rewards than simply killing him. Keep this in mind if you wish to maximize your return on this bounty. Also keep in mind you only have two lives to complete this bounty.

During the cutscene you will meet Philip Carlier. He has escaped to the swamps to the north of Saint Denis and is living as a sort of hill person. Carlier will offer you some soup and will throw in a special ingredient as you get closer. This knocks you out. You will then wake up in a dream like state. During this period enemies will appear randomly and attack you. You will want something like a shotgun active since the get quite close. Your goal here is to head to the north deeper into the swamp.

Image showing the three locations to search for Carlier.

After this sequence you will come out of the dream state and will regain control of your character. You will then be tasked with searching the Lagras in three areas for Carlier. Search the areas and be on the lookout for Carlier (I found him in the northeast most dot). Keep in mind these dots are filled with enemies and alligators. When Carlier appears he will attempt to run away. Kill/Capture him. IF you leave the body for to long it is possible an alligator will take it, so be careful.

Once you’ve Killed/Captured Carlier take him into the nearest jail which happens to be in Saint Denis. Drop off the body and collect your reward. That’s all there is to it.

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