Red Dead Redemption Online: Sergio Vincenza Bounty Hunt Guide

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Red Dead Redemption Online has released a new Legendary Bounty Hunt for a character named Sergio Vincenza. This character is a former military sharpshooter who is wanted for terrorism and attempted assassination. To help you take down this target, use our Sergio Vincenza bounty hunt guide below.

Pick Up Sergio Vincenza Bounty

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To start make your way to the nearest Bounty Board and interact with it. Select the Sergio Vincenza bounty from the board. After you’ve picked up the bounty a cutscene will trigger and you will get transported to just outside Sergio’s hideout. Note this mission is failable as there are only two lives.

Kill or Capture Sergio Vincenza

Image showing Sergio Vincenza location.

Note: Capture Sergio Vincenza alive will net you better rewards than simply killing him. Keep this in mind if you wish to maximize your return on this bounty.

At the start of the mission you will be on the outskirts of Sergio Vincenza’s hideout. In the centre of this hideout there is a large watchtower. Sergio sits inside this watchtower with a sniper rifle. When Sergio aims at you you will see a reflection of his scope. Keep this in mind as you head closer. Also keep in mind that there are enemies all around the camp as well as stacks of dynamite. If these stacks of dynamite are shot they explode. Move closer to the tower and take the various enemies as out as you see fit then take out Sergio Vincenza (either by killing him or hog tying him).

Put the Dead or Alive Sergio on your horse and head to the nearest prison to collect your bounty. Keep in mind as you are riding away that you will be chased by Sergio’s henchmen. Once you reach the prison drop of Sergio to complete the Legendary Bounty. This concludes our Sergio Vincenza Bounty Hunt guide.

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