Red Dead Redemption Online: Cecil C Tucker Bounty Hunt Guide

There’s a new Legendary Bounty hunt for playerst to undertake in Red Dead Redemption Online as of yesterday. This Legendary Bounty Hunt sees players pursuing Cecil C. Tucker. To help you complete this activity, check out the Cecil C Tucker bounty hunt guide below.

Pickup Legendary Cecil C. Tucker Bounty

Image showing the Cecil C. Tucker bounty.

Make your way to the nearest bounty board and interact with it to collect the Cecil C. Tucker bounty. Tucker is wanted for arson and murder. The bounty for Tucker is paid out in cash on Tucker being dead or alive. Once you select the bounty a short cutscene will play and the bounty will start.

Kill or Capture Cecil C. Tucker

Image showing Cecil C. Tucker dead.

Note: Capture Cecil C. Tucker alive will net you better rewards than simply killing him. Keep this in mind if you wish to maximize your return on this bounty. Also keep in mind you only have two lives to complete this bounty.

You will start this bounty on the outskirts of Fort Brennand. This old fort is crawling with enemies on both the exterior and interior. Take out the enemies and make your way inside the fort. When you enter the fort you will trigger a wave of enemies coming to attack you from the surrounding areas. Take out the waves then take out Cecil C. Tucker when he appears in his coach. Take Cecil C. Tucker to the nearest jail to collect your bounty.

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