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The first Prestigious Legendary Bounty Rockstar added during the Red Dead Online December 1st update was for a man named Gene “Beau” Finley. This man is said to have created a posse of Mercenaries that are responsible for a number of bank robberies across the south. Since Gene is being such a nuisance the law wants you to bring him to justice by either killing him or capturing and bringing him to the nearest jail. To help you complete the Gene Finley Legendary Bounty I’ve put together a brief guide below.

How to Start the Gene “Beau” Finley Bounty

Poster Description: “Chief among a credulous posse of Mercenaries sought for orchestrating bank robberies across the south. This garish upstart is often seen sporting an extravagant tailored suit. He and his heavily armed band are said to occupy a dilapidated colonial property in Bayou NWA. With them are captives including some predatory species.”

Gene “Beau” Finley is the first of a number of Prestigious Legendary Bounties. These bounties become accessible to Bounty Hunters once they’ve purchased the additional Prestigious Bounty Hunter License from any Bounty Board for 15 Gold. Once you have this license you will be able to take on bounties like Gene “Beau” Finley.

To start the hunt for the Gene “Beau” Finley Legendary Bounty you need to make your way to any Bounty Board when you have Legendary Bounties active in your game. Once you are at the board interact with it to view the currently available bounties. On the far right of the board you should see a bounty for Gene “Beau” Finley. Choose the bounty poster to trigger the cutscene that starts this bounty.

Search Shady Belle for Gene “Beau” Finley

After the cutscene is over you will be placed at the start of the Bounty Hunt. This mission takes place inside Bolger Blade where there is an old manor. To reach the manor follow the path to the southeast until you reach the mission location.

When you approach the manor you will notice a ton of guards around. These guards aren’t your only problem as there is a ton of fire power in the form of Canons, Gatling Guns, explosives, and caged predators around the property.

My strategy for this bounty is fairly straightforward. I roll up to the manor along the main path and kill the first guard along the exterior immediately. I then take cover at the crate he was standing beside. From this crate you can use a scoped rifle (like the bolt action rifle) to take out a lot of the guards on the northwest side of the house. While in this cover a couple of enemies will appear on horseback along the path, simply turn and take them out when they do.

Once you’ve thinned out the northwest side of the house head along the exterior going south. There will be a number of enemies here. Take them out using your scoped rifle as you push up using the different crates as cover. Once you are on the southeast side of the house clear out any remaining guards and swap out to your shotgun.

Inside the Manor

Take your shotgun and head inside the manor. When you kick open the backdoor there will be an enemy immediately in front of you. Take them out then take out the enemy in the room on the northwest side of the bottom floor. Headback to the back door and go up the stairs. On the landing of the stairs you will find another enemy. Blast him. At the top of the stairs there is an enemy waiting at the end of the hallway. Take him out then take out the enemy in the room nearby that has a hole in its wall. Another enemy will come out of another room. Defeat him then search for Gene.

Capturing and Claiming the Gene “Beau” Finley Bounty

Image showing Gene "Beau" Finley.

Gene will always be found on the second floor of the manor. He will change rooms occasional and has a rare chance of running away, but this occurs very rarely. When you do find the room Gene is in he won’t put up a fight. Lasso him and haul him downstairs to your horse.

Once you have Gene secured on your horse you need to ride him to the closest jail. This jail happens to be Rhodes. The ride to the jail is short, so really push your horse to make it quick. As you are riding some of Gene’s goons will ride after you. You can kill or ignore them depending on your horses speed. At the jail ride into the yellow marked location to finish this bounty and claim your reward. You will get both Gold, RDO$, Bounty Hunter XP, and XP for your troubles.

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