How to Unlock Crewmate Dino in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Crewmate Dino character unlock screen.

Things in Vampire Survivors have gotten suss in the crossover DLC pack with Among Us. The new Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC brings a new stage, new weapons, and new unlockable characters to the game. To learn how to unlock Crewmate Dino in Vampire Survivors, see our guide below.

Find and Open the Coffin in Polus Replica

Before going for the coffin you will want to ensure you’ve snagged the Yellow Sign Relic. This relic highlights hidden items in all stages. You can then use that to snag the Polus Replica Map first to make navigating the stage even easier.

Vampire Survivors Polus Replica coffin map location.
The coffin is located at the ? on the map in the lower section.

Once you’ve done both of the above steps start up a run of the Polus Replica stage. Once you are in the stage you need to make your way down to the coffin located in the bottom section of the map. At the coffin simply stand on it to release the character Crewmate Dino. After Crewmate Dino is released you can either finish the run or quit out.

To complete the unlocking of Crewmate Dino you need to purchase the character from off of the Character Selection screen. Navigate to the screen and spend the gold to unlock the character for use.

Crewmate Dino Stats and Details

Crewmate Dino has the following starting weapon, passive ability, and starting stats:

  • Passive: Gains stat bonuses every time anyones weapon is brought to max level
  • Weapon: Report!
  • Max Health: 100
  • Move Speed: +20%

For more help in unlocking the characters in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting be sure to check out our character unlock guide. You can also see how to unlock characters in Vampire Survivors in the base game.

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