Vampire Survivors Among Us DLC Announced

Vampire Survivors Among Us DLC screenshot.

Before The Game Awards show, Double Fine hosted their annual Day of the Devs showcase today. This event provides a glimpse into intriguing upcoming indie titles. A noteworthy announcement during the event was the unveiling of the highly anticipated Vampire Survivors Among Us DLC crossover. This crossover brings various parts of Among Us to Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC Trailer & Details

The crossover announcement took the form of an official cinematic reveal trailer and the release of the DLC’s official Steam Page. While the trailer doesn’t emphasize gameplay, it presents cartoonized renditions of several Vampire Survivors characters. These characters engage in battles against enemies and a formidable boss, leading to an eventual encounter with crew members from Among Us.

The DLC offers a substantial amount of new content for players. Those who purchase it will unlock 9 Crewmate characters, 15 new weapons, a fresh map to explore named Polus Replica, and 6 additional music tracks.

According to the Steam description gameplay will task you to:

Gather your most trusted Crewmates, prepare to eject the Impostors, and try to survive while mowing down thousands of extra-terrestrial foes in this expansion for Vampire Survivors. Turn classic Among Us tasks into outrageous weapons, upgrading your abilities after every roguelite run to overcome impossible odds with ease. Be alert to subterfuge as you explore the vast weirdness of the Polus Replica and keep your wits about you, as suspicious eyes are always watching

The DLC’s gameplay description implies incorporating several new elements into the renowned rogue-lite formula of Vampire Survivors.

The October 19th Whiteout update marked the latest significant content addition to Vampire Survivors. It introduced a new stage, characters, Relics, and weapons.

There was also an additional update released ahead of this DLC which featured Adventure mode. This mode is unlocked by collecting a new relic. See our how to unlock Adventure mode guide for details.

Players eager for the DLC can acquire it on December 18th on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Release dates for other platforms are currently unavailable.



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