How to Unlock Adventures in Vampire Survivors

Adventure Mode on the main menu of Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors v1.8 added a new addition to the game in the form of Adventures. Adventures add a new objective based campaign mode of sorts which mixes up the experience. To play these new experiences you must first unlock them. To learn how to unlock Adventures in Vampire Survivors, use our guide below.

Obtain the Atlas Gate in Boss Rash

To unlock Adventure mode in Vampire Survivors you need find and collect a relic called the Atlas Gate. This relic is located on the Boss Rash stage.

The Atlas Gate relic in the Boss Rash arena.
The Atlas Gate relic appears in the middle of the Boss Rash arena.

When you are ready to unlock it start up a run on the Boss Rash stage and survive until the 7 minute mark. At this mark the Atlas Gate relic will spawn in the middle of the map. Walk over to the relic and pick it up to unlock the Adventure Mode for the base game.

Once you’ve unlocked the relic, you can either finish your run or quit. On the Results screen, you’ll see a notice saying you’ve unlocked base game Adventures.

How to Start an Adventure in Vampire Survivors

After you unlock the relic and Adventure Mode, a new button appears on the Vampire Survivors main screen. This button is for Adventures. Push it to open the Adventure Selection menu, which contains Adventures for the base game and DLC content.

Vampire Survivors Adventure Mode details screen.
The first time you start Adventure Mode you will see this details screen.

Adventures work differently than other content in the game. This content is self-contained, with no impact on your progression from runs. Instead, experience a self-contained story with levels, objectives, and unique unlocks.

If you’ve fully completed the game this mode is largely for you. The developers poncle wanted to make a mode that would offer variety to people without them having to erase their main saves and start over again.

The Adventure update comes only a few days before the release of the next major DLC for Vampire Survivors. On December 18th Vampire Survivors and Among Us collide for the Emergency Meeting expansion.

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