Where to Find the Polus Replica Map in Vampire Survivors

The Polus Replica Map in Vampire Survivors.

The Vampire Survivors and Among Us DLC is now available for players to purchase and enjoy. The new Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC brings a new stage to the game that features a map relic you can collect to make the map appear more usable. To learn where to find the Polus Replica Map in Vampire Survivors, used our guide below.

Find the Polus Replica Map

Before going for the map you will want to ensure you’ve snagged the Yellow Sign Relic. This relic highlights hidden items in all stages. Having this relic active allows you to easily zero in on the location of the Polus Replica Map.

Vampire Survivors Polus Replica map location.
Visit this circled room in Polus Replica to find the map.

Once you’ve acquired the Yellow Sing Relic, start up a run on the Polus Replica stage. From the spawn location you want to head south/southeast to the building there. Go inside and make your way to the map location shown above. In this room you will find a map model and the Polus Replica Map that you can pick up.

Once you’ve picked up the map you will unlock the map for the level. This map is incredibly useful to have as it shows you the different buildings, walls, and other impediments that may cause you issues as you search your way through it.

This is just one of many unlockable featured in the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting. There is a major character you can unlock called Crewmate Dino. See our Crewmate Dino unlock guide for details on unlocking that character.

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