How to Fast Travel in Death Stranding – Unlocking Fragile Jump

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In Death Stranding players will spend a lot of their time traveling across the USA delivering items. As you travel you may want to cover large distances. To do this you will want to use the fast travel system in the game. Below I will show you how to fast travel in Death Stranding.

Fragile Jump: Fast Travel System in Death Stranding

Image showing the Fragile Jump in Death Stranding.

To fast travel in Death Stranding you need to access two Private Rooms. Once you have two Private Rooms accessed you can begin to fast travel between them. This happens during Episode 2 when you reach Lake Knot City. There is a long cutscene with Fragile inside the Private Room. After the cutscene you gain access to Fragile Jump which is the game’s fast travel system. you need to make a jump to progress the story. Once you’ve done this you will find Fragile’s umbrella in the corner of Private Rooms next to the shower.

Like other fast travel systems in other games there are caveats to the system in Death Stranding. First you can only travel between Private Rooms you’ve discovered. Second you must access a Private Room to fast travel, no fast travel from the wristband map unfortunately. Lastly you can’t fast travel with cargo. If you do attempt to fast travel with cargo it will be placed into a Private Locker. Keep these caveats in mind as you plan your travel across the country.

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