How to Gather Chiral Crystal in Death Stranding

In Death Stranding there are a number of resources for players to collect in the open world. These resources help Sam as he travels across the US, helping others. One resource you will come across is Chiral Crystals. These crystals appear out in the world and can be harvested to recycle at distribution centers. To learn more about this resource, check out our how to gather Chiral Crysal in Death Stranding guide below.

How to Gather Chiral Crystal?

Image showing how to gather Chiral Crystal.

As you travel around the USA in Deat Stranding you will come across Chiral Crystals. The crystals are resources you can use to create different items that will help you on your journey. When you start the game you will lack the necessary tools to collect these crystals. Once you reach the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City you will unlock a container to put the crystals inside. Once you have this container you can begin to harvest the crystals you find out in the world by picking them up.

What to Do With Chiral Crystals?

Image showing What to Do With Chiral Crystals.

Chiral Crystals are a material in Death Stranding. Materials are used to create items in the game. You can create items using Access Terminals throughout the world. If you don’t want to use your resources, you can choose to store them via the recycling option.

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