Death Stranding: How to Carry More Cargo

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When you start out in Death Stranding you will be severely limited in how much cargo you can carry. This limitation means you will have to be more selective in what cargo you pack and what cargo you ignore. As the game progresses you will gain a number of ways to improve your cargo load. Continue reading below to learn how to carry more cargo in Death Stranding.

Increase Cargo-Carry Limit By Raising Porter Grade

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There are a number of passive stats you will upgrade by simply delivering packages. One of these passives happens to be the amount of cargo you can carry. Deliver packages to improve this passive stat. It will tell you when you’ve leveled up this skill on your Porter Grade screen.

Unlock the Power Skeleton

Image showing the Power Skeleton unlock.

While there is a passive that will level up as you play through Death Stranding, there are also a number of mechanical items you can acquire to raise your carry limit. The first item you will unlock is the Power Skeleton. This exoskeleton can be unlocked by completing a story delivery to the Engineer during Episode 2. With the power Skeleton equipped you gain an increase to your Cargo-Carry limit.

Unlock the Floating Carrier

Image showing the Floating Carrier.

Another mechanical unlock you can do to get more carrying capacity is the Floating Carrier. As the name suggests this floating platform can be loaded with cargo and then pulled by Sam to his delivery destination. To unlock this carrying aid you need to make a delivery to the Weather Station during Episode 3.

Use Vehicles (Specifically the MULE Truck)

Image showing the MULE truck.

The options listed above will help Sam carry more when he is on foot. If you wish to carry far more than even the above offers you will want to utilize vehicles. Both the bikes and the MULE truck provide plenty of room to carry cargo. The MULE truck in particular has a deep bed you can place a ton of cargo inside. To get vehicles you will want to unlock their blueprints or find them out in the world.

These are some of the early game methods to help you in carrying more cargo. If you have any strategies you are using let me hear about them in the comments section below. Also check out our other Death Stranding guides.

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