Death Stranding: How to Sleep

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In Death Stranding sleep is an important aspect of the gameplay. If you play too long without getting some rest your maximum stamina level will deplete as you start to get exhausted. To help you manage this gameplay element consult our how to sleep guide below.

How to Sleep in Private Room?

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Inside Distribution Centers you will find a Private Rooms. These Private Rooms serve as hubs where you can complete a number of different activities to help Sam perform better on his deliveries. One such activity is to sleep. To sleep in the Private Room make your way to the nearest Distribution Center and either access the Access Terminal, or stand on the platform in the middle of the hanger. Select Enter Private Room and you will head down and go to sleep. Sleeping in your Private Room restores your maximum stamina level to full.

How to Sleep in the World?

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If you can’t make it to a Private Room and need to sleep you can rest in the open world. To do this hold circle to have Sam sit down. Once Sam sits you will get a few options including Sleep. If you let Sam Sleep he will regain some maximum stamina level, but not as much as from sleeping in a Private Room.

Since stamina is such an important mechanic in Death Stranding, managing your sleep is very important. You don’t want to be stuck with a full load while being completely exhausted. Make sure you sleep often so Sam can perform at peak delivery man level.

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