Death Stranding: How to Unlock the Speed Skeleton

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In Death Stranding you spend a lot of time walking. This is largely due to the fact you are a digital courier. While you may like the normal walking speed there is a mechanical option to improve your movement speed. Continue reading below to learn how to unlock the Speed Skeleton.

Get Speed Skeleton From Junk Dealer

Image showing the location of the Junk Dealer.

Make your way to Episode 3 and complete the SAM orders you receive. Eventually you will be asked to complete SAM Orders for the Junk Dealer. Once you’ve completed a few of these orders you will receive Order No. 33 which involves taking a Chiral Hourglass to the Chiral Artist’s Studio. Since the Cargo you are delivering is fragile it must be delivered by hand. To help you in the process of waking the 1500m to the artist’s studio the Junk Dealer will give you the Speed Skeleton (Lv. 1).

What Does the Speed Skeleton Do?

Image showing the Speed Skeleton.

The Speed Skeleton is an equipable exoskeleton that improves your movement speed. Like the Power Skeleton when the Speed Skeleton is equipped you will a bonus to a specific stat (in this case the movement of Sam). If you wish to move even faster with the Speed Skeleton equipped you can hold sprint to consume more energy in return for a short speed burst. When the battery is depleted the Speed Skeleton offers no bonuses. This exoskeleton does allow you to attach cargo to the hips which is nice.

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