Death Stranding: What to Do with Bridget on the Beach

In Death Stranding you will arrive on the Beach in Episode 13. This Beach is home to a number of events that lead towards the game’s conclusion. One of the first events involves an interaction with Allison on the Beach. This interaction can be a bit confusing to complete. To help you complete this interaction use our what to do with Bridget on the Beach guide below.

Shoot or Not Shoot Bridget?

Image showing hugging Bridget on the Beach.

The interaction of Sam and on the Beach appears to have multiple outcomes but there is really only one. When you get the gun an interaction will trigger with Bridget walking out into the water. You will then be prompted to shoot. Shooting at Bridget does nothing and results in the triggering of the bad ending. What you want to do is holster the gun then approach Bridget. When you approach Bridget you will get the prompt to hug her. Do this to advance the Beach sequence.

That’s all you need to know about the interaction with Bridget on the beach in Episode 13. Complete this interaction to start the end of Death Stranding.

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