Death Stranding: How to Customize Backpack

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In Death Stranding the stuff you wear out in the world is designed with maximum utility in mind. Things like your clothing have hooks for packages, while your backpack is can lift 100’s of KG of cargo. Well, as you progress through the game you can add even more utility to you backpack via customization. Check out our how to customize your backpack guide below.

Complete Order No. 35 For Junk Dealer

Image showing the Order No. 35 in Death Stranding.

Advance the story into Episode 3. Complete Sam orders until you reach the Junk Dealer. Complete the Junk Dealer quest line with the Artist (part of the main story). Once you’ve done this and they (spoilers) meet up in person, you will receive a Sam order to deliver a prototype engine and prototype satchel to the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. Make this delivery and you will unlock the ability to customize your backpack.

What Can You Customize on Backpack?

Image showing the Customize Backpack screen on Death Stranding.

To customize your backpack once you’ve unlocked the ability to, make your way into your Private Room. Look at the cabinet that holds your suit and you will see the backpack in the lower right corner. Select Customize Backpack to be taken to the backpack customization screen. On this screen you can add a number of items to the backpack:

  • Equipment: things that have give you useful bonuses.
    • Extra Battery: Equipping an extra battery will increase the amount of battery available for Active Skeletons and other equipment. Multiple extra batteries can be equipped at once.
    • Grenade Pouch: A pouch for carrying grenades. Equipping it will free up space on your back, allow you to carry more cargo. The pouch will also protect its content from timefall and impact. Multiple grenade pouches can be equipped at once.
    • Stabilizer: A backpack attachment that deploys posture-controlling Vernier thrusters when the user centers their balance in order to make it easier to regain equilibrium.
  • Accessories: things that clip on and add a visual flair as well as useful bonuses.
    • Windmill: A little windmill. BBs are particularly fond of this accessory. It seems to improve their mood and help prevent them from becoming stressed.
    • Love Knot: It is said to strengthen and deepen the connection between porters, and wearing it on you backpack may well increase the number of Likes you receive from others.

Alongside the backpack additions you can make you can also change the color of the backpack (press Triangle). Changing the color allows you to make the backpack more appealing if you so desire.

That’s everything you need to know about customizing your backpack. What sort of setup are you running on yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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