Death Stranding Episodes List

In Death Stranding the main story of the game is broken up into episodes. Within each episode you complete a number of deliveries/fetches while you learn more about the world and BB. If you are curious how many episodes are in Death Stranding you’ve come the right place. Check out the complete Death Stranding episodes list below.

All Death Stranding Episodes

There are a total of 14 episodes (+ a Prologue) to complete in Death Stranding. These episodes take you across the USA as you deliver cargo and search for answers. Each episode in Death Stranding is named and has a trophy attached to its completion. In total completing all 14 episodes will take you about 40-50 hours (closer to 90-100 if you do everything). Here are the names of each episode:

  1. Porter.
  2. Bridget.
  3. Amelie.
  4. Fragile.
  5. Unger.
  6. Mama.
  7. Deadman.
  8. Clifford.
  9. Heartman.
  10. Higgs.
  11. Die-Hardman.
  12. Clifford Unger.
  13. Bridges.
  14. Sam Strand.
  15. Lou.
  16. Tomorrow is in Your Hands (end game).

You will notice the names of the episodes are that of characters in the game. This is largely due to the fact you will interact with the named character more in the episode named after them. Upon completion of the episodes listed above you will have finished the game.

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