Death Stranding: How to Get the Power Gloves

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In Death Stranding you unlock a number of technological items that help you more efficiently traverse the US. These items can be equipped to make delivering cargo more efficient. One item you unlock as you play through the game is Power Gloves. Learn how to get the Power Gloves below.

Complete Order No.50 For Mountaineer

Image showing the order No.50 from the Mountaineer.

Make your way to Episode 6 and complete the Orders for Sam that lead you up the mountain. Eventually you will convince Lockne to join the network and will unlock a number of deliveries to make to preppers around the mountain. One of these preppers is the Mountaineer. The Mountaineer has an order (No.50) for Sam that involves collecting and delivering Medical Devices. Completing this order earns you the Power Gloves.

What Do the Power Gloves Do?

Image showing the Power Gloves on Sam.

The Power Gloves are an equipable pair of gloves that Sam can wear. These gloves have spikes in them which give Sam: improved grip and hand function. They also allow Sam to stop himself while sliding down hills. While the gloves are active Sam can climb things without using Endurance Gauge. He will also climb ladders, ropes, pick up packages, and punch more effectively with the gloves active.

Overall these gloves are very useful to Sam. You will want to unlock and equip these gloves to help you on your journey. Keep in mind the Power Gloves are like other equipables in this game as they do have batteries that need to be charged. If the glove’s batteries run out you will lose the benefits listed above. Keep them juiced up.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Power Gloves in Death Stranding. Go get these gloves. Good luck.

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