Death Stranding: How to Change Lockne’s Mind

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When you reach Mountain Knot City with the bomb strapped to your back you will meet Lockne. Lockne is twin sisters with Mama and she hates Bridges. After you drop the bomb off you will be denied adding them to the chiral network. You need to change Lockne’s Mind. Check the post below to learn how to change Lockne’s Mind.

Return to Mama’s Lab

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After you interact with Lockne you get a message from Aaorn Hill about speaking to Mama. Hill mentions returning to Mama’s Lab. To do this make your way down the mountain (or head to the nearest Safe House and fast travel). Inside the lab you will trigger a cutscene with Mama. In the cutscene Mama is napping at her desk. She will give you a new pair of handcuffs that have a new cord cutting capability. You will then be prompted to cut Mama’s cord. After this Mama will go inside a body bag and you will need to take her to see Locke. When you leave this triggers an encounter with a BT.

Take Mama to Meet Lockne in Mountain City

Image showing Mama and Lockne.

Once the cutscene is finished you will come face to face with a super BT. Avoid it and run out of the BT zone. Get on a bike or grab a truck and make the long journey back to Mountain Knot City. When you deliver Mama to Lockne you will watch a cutscene. Long story short, Mama convinces Lockne to let you fix the Q-Pid network. With the Mountain Knot City distribution centre and running you will be able to access the various amenities on this mountaintop.

That’s all you need to know about how to change Lockne’s Mind. Hopefully you found this Death Stranding guide helpful. There are plenty more guides to read here.

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