How to Unlock the Power Skeleton in Death Stranding

When you start out in Death Stranding you are limited in the amount of cargo you can carry. This limitation means you can only carry a few packages at a time and will struggle with heavier items. To change this you need to unlock items that will help you carry more stuff. The guide below shows you how to unlock the Power Skeleton in Death Stranding.

Reach the Engineer in Episode 2

To start you need to make your way through the main story. Once in Episode 2 you will reach Lake Knot City. At Lake Knot City there is a contract to deliver a package to the Engineer who is to the south. Take this contract and complete it. Once you’ve done this contract you will receive the Power Skeleton as a reward. As the name suggests this piece of equipment reinforces Sam’s body to allow him to carry more cargo.

Keep in mind that the Power Skeleton uses battery power which can completely drain. Once the Power Skeleton is empty you will lose its benefits. Also note that equipping the Power Skeleton uses up slots on your hips that would normally be used for storing cargo.

Upgrading the Power Skeleton

Once you have the Power Skeleton it is only level 1. If you wish to upgrade it you want to complete contracts for the Engineer. As you complete more contracts and level up your link with this character you will gain more blueprints for higher level versions of the Power Skeleton.

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