Death Stranding: How to Create Signs

In Death Stranding there is a heavy multiplayer element without actual multiplayer. In the world actions taken by different players are reflected inside your game. These reflections can be things like roads, safe houses, and signs. To help you help others (or mislead them) continue reading to learn how to create signs in Death Stranding.

How to Create Signs in Death Stranding

Image showing how to create signs in Death Stranding.

To place a sign for other players hold L1 to bring up the compass and then press Triangle to enter Sign mode. In this mode you have pages upon pages of signs you can place. Many of the signs are designed to help highlight risks in things like steep inclines, fast rapids, heavy rain, and so on. Risks aren’t the only signs you can place though, you can also highlight route information, make requests, and even emote with other categories of signs.

Once you settle on a sign to use place it in the world. Once the sign is placed in the world other players will be able to see it. If the sign is useful, players can give Likes. This means you want to do good sign placement to maximize the possible Likes you receive.

That’s everything you need to know about how to create signs in Death Stranding. The game is still relatively new, but I would expect some memes to arise out of this game play mechanic (like they did in Dark Souls 2).

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