Death Stranding: How to Get the Floating Carrier

In Death Stranding your business is delivering cargo. This business is reliant upon your ability to move a lot of cargo around. To help you move a lot of cargo it is necessary to use different technology. Earlier I showed you how to get the Power Skeleton to lift more, and now I’m going to show you how to get the Floating Carrier.

Make Delivery to the Weather Station

Image showing the delivery to make to the Weather Station.

For starters reach Episode 3 by heading to the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. Once you’ve completed the tasks there you will gain access to a deliver to the Weather Station to the southwest of the Distribution Center. Make your way to the Weather Station (I highly recommend using a vehicle of some kind).

At the Weather Station make your delivery of the Chiralium Gauge. Once this item is delivered you will be able to connect the Weather Station to the chiral network. Upon connection you will receive the Floating Carrier (Lv. 1). This equipment can be Fabricated when unlocked.

What the Floating Carrier Does in Death Stranding?

The Floating Carrier does what its name suggests. It floats behind you and can be loaded with cargo. Once one Floating Carrier is full you can drop another to essentially make a change of Floating Carriers. This item is very beneficial for moving a lot of cargo around without struggling with weight.

There you have it everything you need to know about the Floating Carrier. Using a mix of Floating Carrier and vehicles will allow you to move a ton of cargo around the USA.

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