Death Stranding: How to Get Vehicles (Bike, Trucks)

In Death Stranding you will spend a ton of time walk around. This is the major gameplay loop of the game as you make deliveries across America. While you will spend a lot of time walking, there are vehicles to unlock to make movement a bit faster. To help you get these vehicles use our how to get vehicles in Death Stranding guide below.

How to Get Bikes?

Image showing some bikes players can fabricate.

Bikes are the first vehicles you will come in contact with in Death Stranding. During the tutorial Sam rides a bike that he ends up crashing. After this you will be without a bike until your reach the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. To get this bike up and running you need to make a Generator to charge the battery. Once you’ve done this you will have a bike. With that said this bike doesn’t last forever.

Ideally you want to get the blueprints for bikes which can be unlocked by completing story missions in Episode 2 at Lake Knot City. You will get both the Reverse Trike and the Reverse Trike: Long Range blueprints for completing the story missions.

Alternatively you can check the garage for bikes other players have stored in there. if the bike is stored you can access it. This means you don’t necessarily need to build or store bikes at every Distribution Center.

How to Get MULE Trucks?

Image showing a MULE truck.

As the name suggests MULE Trucks are trucks used by the MULE enemy faction. These trucks are really good for carrying a ton of cargo since the back of them can be filled with cargo. To get a MULE truck make your way inside a a MULE compound. Inside the compound look for a truck (should be a couple). Climb into the truck to drive it. If you wish to fill it with stuff access the Cargo organizer menu and send items to the truck.

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