How to Change Boots in Death Stranding

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Death Stranding involves a ton of walking. Like a ton. As you walk across the different terrains you will wear down you footwear. Since footwear is an important part of the game you need to know how to change it. Below I will show you how to change boots in Death Stranding.

How to Change Boots

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In Death Stranding there is a gauge to show you the condition of your footwear. This gauge starts full then decreases over time as you walk around. Once the boot gauge is empty you will want to change your boots. To change boots hold up on the d-pad. This brings up a boots/sunglasses radial menu. On this menu you will see the various boots you currently have available to equip. Select equip to put on a new pair of boots.

This was brief look at how to change boots in Death Stranding. You will want to keep a nice fresh pair of boots on hand as you travel so you aren’t stuck without one. Note that not all boots are created equally. Some boots break fairly easily so you will want to read each boots description before equipping a pair. Remember to treat your feet as they say.

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