Honkai Star Rail To Eris

Honkai Star Rail Eris.

Upon completing the Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 1) Adventure Mission you will unlock a new mission called To Eris. This mission tasks you with meeting the Belobog History and Culture Museum’s lobby secretary Eris. To help you complete this quest here’s our Honkai Star Rail To Eris guide.

To Start The To Eris Mission

The To Eris mission becomes available to players after they’ve completed the Adventure Mission Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 1). Following the placement of the stolen artifact in its case, the To Eris mission becomes available. To begin it simply head to the museum’s lobby area and speak to Eris behind the desk.

Running the Belobog History and Culture Museum

Everwinter City Museum Ledge of Curiosities management screen.

When you speak to Eris for the first time you will unlock the museum management minigame. This minigame tasks you with running the museum. To do this you earn RevitaScore points each business day that the museum is open. These points can be used to improve the museum and hire assistants, making more points. Improving the museum earns you special rewards, making this activity worth the effort.

While you grow your Museum you will encounter a number of side quests you can complete after you finish an operational objective. The side quests are typically short in nature. If you need help completing any of them, check out our guides below:

Exhibit Collection

Hiring Guides (Guest Assistants)

As you level up the museum, the quests listed above will become available for you to complete. Completing the quests above will help you to unlock the various Limited-Time Rewards from the exhibition game mode.

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