Honkai Star Rail Exhibit Replica Antimatter Legion Part 1

Frozen Antimatter Legion on display in the museum.

Honkai Star Rail Exhibit Replica Antimatter Legion Part 1 is an Adventure Mission that players can complete as part of the museum. This Adventure Mission tasks you with taking a picture of a frozen Antimatter Legion Voidranger for Uldan to make a replica of it. To help you complete this Adventure Mission see our guide below.

Find out More About the Situation from Uldan

Uldan in the History-Culture Hall for Replica Antimatter Legion Part 1.

When you’ve unlocked this Adventure mission the first step is to speak to Uldan to learn more about what he needs you to do. Go to the History-Culture Hall and speak to Uldan there. Uldan tells you that he needs you to take a picture of a frozen Antimatter Legion unit so he can make a replica of it to display. This starts the next objective.

Go to the Outlying Snow Plains and take a Picture of the Frozen Antimatter Legion Unit

Frozen Antimatter Legion location.

Fast travel to the Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Hunt in the Outlying Snow Plains on Jarilo-VI. From this location head to the west until you reach the quest marker there. At the quest marker you will find a frozen Antimatter Legion. Take out your camera and snap a picture of it. Once you have a picture you will get your next objective.

Report to Uldan and Place the Frozen Antimatter Legion

Go back to the museum and speak to Uldan. Tell him “I took a picture of the ice sculpture.” and he will take a look at it. After looking at the picture he will tell you to place the replica. Go back to where you spoke to him at the star of the quest in the History-Culture Hall. Place the Antimatter Legion Unit in the display case.

This ends the quest. For your efforts you unlock the passive that three basic parameters of the exhibition area where the exhibit is located will be increased by 5%. You can also claim 5x Stellar Jade back speaking to Eris at the in the lobby and viewing the Exhibit Index.

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