Honkai Star Rail Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 4)

After you’ve levelled up the different areas of the Everwinter City Museum Ledge of Curiosities you will unlock the fourth part of the events main story mission. This fourth part is Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 4). This mission tasks you with finding a microfilm that was stolen from the museum. To help you complete this mission use our Honkai Star Rail Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 3) guide below.

Speak with Pela in the Museum

Like in the previous parts of this quest you can begin it by speaking to Pela in the museum. Make your way to the museum lobby area and speak to her next to the sofas. When you speak to her you learn that she has tracked the mysterious person behind the missing artifacts to a room in the Goethe Hotel. This starts a new objective.

Head to the Hotel Corridor of the Goethe Hotel

Mr Cold Feet door knocks answer.

Leave the museum and head to the Administrative District. In the district head to the Goethe Hotel in the south. Go into the hotel and head into the Hotel Corridor to the left of the reception desk. Inside the corridor walk down towards the quest objective marked door on the left. As you do you will get a message from Pela. Pela tells you the secret signal is three Light knocks and then two heavy knocks.

After the messages from Pela approach the door. You will be prompted to knock on the door to get Mr. Cold Feet to answer. The correct selection is Tap three times and knock twice. Mr. Cold Feet will respond. You then need to correctly answer Mr Cold Feet’s questions. The answers are as follows:

  1. (Low Voice) Yes, it’s me.
  2. Fifty Thousand credits
  3. Um… A little less than sixty.

When you answer correctly Mr. Cold Feet invites you to come inside of the room. Gently push the door and go inside. You learn that Mr. Cold Feet is actually Sampo.

Sampo is the mastermind behind the artifact scam (shocker) and wants you to look the other way. He offers to give you a cut of his share if you let him go. The options are:

  1. Reject to get 2x Adventure Logs.
  2. Accept to get 5,000x Credits.

Regardless of what you select, Sampo escapes out the window either way. You will then get a receive your reward and will be prompted to complete a new objective back at the museum.

Return to the Museum and Speak with Eris

Head back to the museum and speak to Eris behind the lobby desk. Eris will give you a note left by the blue-haired man. This note is from Sampo AKA Mr. Cold Feet. Upon reading the note you will unlock Sampo as a Hired Assistant. He has stats of 93/93/0. You also 400000 development funds for fully restoring the museum. You can also claim 5x Stellar Jade from Eris for unlocking Sampo.

This ends the Honkai Star Rail Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 4) mission. Upon completion you are free to continue working on unlocking the different exhibits left.

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