Honkai Star Rail Mr Cold Feet Question Answers

Mr Cold Feet door knocks answer.

During the Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 4) mission in Honkai Star Rail players must answer questions asked by a mysterious character called Mr Cold Feet. These answers can be a bit confusing to arrive at, especially if you weren’t paying attention in the previous quests. To help you get everything correct here’s the full list of Honkai Star Rail Mr Cold Feet question answers.

All Correct Mr Cold Feet Answers in Honkai Star Rail

The first major objective in Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 4) is to meet up with a mysterious person named Mr Cold Feet. This person is holed up in the Goethe Hotel in the Administrative District. At the hotel you must interact with a door in the Hotel Corridor that leads to the room Mr Cold Feet is hiding inside. Before you can enter this room you must answer four questions:

“The door remains unperturbed, and you feel a chill brush past your knees.”

  • Tap three times and knock twice.

“Hm? Norbert, is that you?”

  • (In a low voice) Yes, it’s me.

“Well it’s time for me to get on out of here. After all, we already made a nice little fortune on this trip.”

  • How could I ever betray such a dear friend?

“Alright, enough chinwagging. So, how much did the microfilm sell for?” “(Uh-oh. I’m just gonna have to make up an amount. Hope it’s believable…)”

  • 50,000 credits.

“That Gears and Wisdom sculpture I told you to take apart and hide away… Can you remind me how many pieces it had?”

  • Uh, a little less than 60.

Once you’ve answered the questions listed above you will be able to enter the room. Inside of the room you encounter a familiar face. From here you can decide whether you want to alert the authorities of the thief. You get 2x Adventure Logs for turning him in or 5,000 Credits for letting him leave.

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