Honkai Star Rail Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 3)

Returning the microfilm to the projector.

After you’ve levelled up the different areas of the Everwinter City Museum Ledge of Curiosities you will unlock the third part of the events main story mission. This third part is Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 3). This mission tasks you with finding a microfilm that was stolen from the museum. To help you complete this mission use our Honkai Star Rail Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 3) guide below.

Speak with Pela in the Museum

Pela waiting for you in the museum lobby.
Speak to Pela in the Museum Lobby.

When this mission becomes available for players to complete Pela appears next to the museum lobby desk. Go there and speak to her. She will tell you that an item with a connection to you has been stolen. To get more details she wants you to speak to her in the History and Culture Exhibit.

Head to the History and Culture Exhibit

Pela telling the Trailblazer the Microfilm was stolen.
Pela will tell you about the microfilm being stolen.

Go the area in the museum and approach the projector there. Doing this trigger an interaction with Pela. Pela tells you that the projector’s microfilm was stolen. You then get a message from Bronya. Bronya asks for you and Pela to come and visit her in the Qlipoth Fort.

Head to Qlipoth Fort and Speak with Bronya

Go to Qlipoth Fort. Head over to Bronya and speak to her. During this interaction Bronya will ask you to take more of a hands on approach to the investigation. She then tells you to head to a new location to search for clues.

Head to the Administrative District Plaza to Start the Investigation

Head to the Administrative District Plaza and go to the quest marker there. When you do this you will look around at the people in the area. The next objective for this area is to speak to the different people in the area.

Speak with the People in the Plaza and Gather Clues (3/3)

Three clues locations in the administrative plaza.
There are three characters to speak to in the plaza.

In the plaza there are three people you need to speak to to get clues about the theft. These people are highlighted on your map and are all around the fountain area. The people you need to talk to are:

  1. Dominic: Ask about the stolen artifact.
  2. Nika: Ask about the stolen artifact.
  3. Chavez: Ask about the stolen artifact.

After you speak to all three people a mysterious person will talk to you. This mysterious person is Wallace. Wallace tells you that his friend was disappeared strangely a few days ago.

Head to Qlipoth Fort and Report to Bronya

Head back to Qlipoth Fort. Inside Bronya is speaking to a guard. Approach the duo and you will prompt an interaction. Long story short there is possibility that Norbert is the thief and he is operating out of Backwater Pass. When you are ready interact with Pela to go to Backwater Pass.

Complete the Backwater Pass Exploratory Excursion

Backwater Pass Exploratory Excursion details.
Complete the Backwater Pass Exploratory Excursion.

The Backwater Pass is an exploratory excursion you will need to complete. When the mission starts go over to the gate and listen in to learn the password “roast the sausage, not the bread.” Afterwards, make your way through the level until you reach the end area. Here you need to take a photo of the duo. After you’ve done this approach them and complete the final boss fight.

After the boss fight you will confront Norbert. He will give you the microfilm. Speak with Pela and leave Backwater. When you leave you get 2x Adventure Log, 2x Condensed Aether, and 15,000x Credits.

Place the Microfilm into the Projector in the Museum

Back at the museum head to the History and Culture Exhibit. Go up to the projector and return the microfilm. You and Pela will speak and look at the footage on it. This ends the quest.

For completing this mission you unlock Bronya as a Hired Assistant for the museum. You also unlock the History Culture Hall area of the museum and 150,000 development funds to spend.

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