Honkai Star Rail Hiring Guides Natasha

Natasha hired for the museum job.

The Honkai Star Rail Hiring Guides Natasha Adventure Mission is a special mission that players can complete as part of the Everwinter City Museum Ledge of Curiosities event. This mission tasks players with recruiting Natasha as a guest guide for the museum. To help you recruit Natasha see our Honkai Star Rail Hiring Guides Natasha guide below.

How to Start Hiring Guides Natasha

Natasha map location.

To start the Hiring Guides: Natasha Adventure Mission you need to complete special objectives at the Everwinter City Museum Ledge of Curiosities. As you do this you unlock special missions you can complete including Hiring Guides: Natasha. When this mission is active visit Natasha in the Boulder Town Clinic in the Underworld and speak to her to start it.

Head to the Belobog History and Culture Museum to Find Eris

Natasha asking the player to take her to the museum.

Unlike the Guide Serval quest you don’t need to help Natasha with her resume. Instead you need to simply ask her “Are you interested in volunteering at the museum?” To which she responds that should love to. When she says yes tell her “Yes. Here is your application form.” Natasha fills out the form and you can look it over. After doing so tell Natasha “Give it to Miss Eris at the museum reception.” and offer to accompany her to the museum.

After this fast travel and head into the museum. Go up to the lobby and speak to Eris there. You will trigger an interaction where Pela appears. Pela says she needs to interview Natasha and that the Trailblazer will help.

Start the Interview in the Museum’s Rest Area

Go to the Museum’s Rest Area and speak to the duo when they are standing together. Select “Let’s begin” to start the interview process. During the interview Pela asks Natasha multiple questions regarding the resume. The answers I selected to get her hired are as follows:

I noticed here that Miss Natasha has only written a given name here, but not any surname… May I ask what provoked that?

  1. Indeed. So what happened to the surname?
  2. Such a precious family story. Thanks for sharing.

[Player], have you got any questions to ask?

  • I don’t have any more questions.

Pela will accept the answers and will agree to hire Natasha as a Guest Guide. Natasha can be equipped from the museum management mode. Her stats are 56/15/64. You also can claim 5x Stellar Jade from the Exhibit Index once she is unlocked.

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