Honkai Star Rail Exhibit Collection Automaton Hound

The Automaton Hound displayed in the museum.

Honkai Star Rail Exhibit Collection Automaton Hound is a special mission players can complete as part of the museum. This mission tasks you with collecting details about the Automaton Hound for Uldan to make a copy of it. To help you complete this mission see our Honkai Star Rail Exhibit Collection Automaton Hound guide below.

How to Start Exhibit Collection Automaton Hound

Uldan at the start of the Exhibit Collection Automaton Hound mission.

As you advance through the different operational objectives in the museum you will unlock side missions to complete to fill out museum. One of these side quests is Exhibit Collection Automaton Hound. When this side quest is available speak to Uldan in the Industrial Hall area of the museum. He tells you to go to the Robot Settlement area and fight a Automaton Hound to gather combat data.

Go to the Robot Settlement and Collect Automaton Hound Combat Data

Mech-Pet Lover NPC location.

In the Robot Settlement go to the Svarog’s Base. At this location you will encounter an NPC named Mech-Pet Lover. Speak to him and say “I want some data from an Automaton Hound and then agree to fight him. Complete the fight to get the combat data we need to make the replica. Head back to the museum for the next objective.

Report to Uldan, Place the Automaton Hound

Back at the museum report to Uldan. Tell him that you’ve gathered the necessary data to make a replica. This data allows Boris to make a piece you can place in the museum. After you’ve spoken to Uldan go to the empty display spot and place the Automaton Hound.

This ends the Automaton Hound quest. Completing this quest increases the development fund by 13000. You also can claim 5x Stellar Jade from the Exhibit Index once the artifact is unlocked.

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