Honkai Star Rail Hiring Guides Seele

Seele getting hired by Bronya to serve in the museum.

The Honkai Star Rail Hiring Guides Seele Adventure Mission is a special mission that players can complete as part of the Everwinter City Museum Ledge of Curiosities event. This mission tasks players with recruiting Seele as a guest guide for the museum. To help you recruit Seele see our Honkai Star Rail Hiring Guides Seele guide below.

How to Start Hiring Guides Seele

Map location of Seele.

To start the Hiring Guides: Seele Adventure Mission you need to complete special objectives at the Everwinter City Museum Ledge of Curiosities. As you do this you unlock special missions you can complete including Hiring Guides: Seele. When this mission is active visit Seele in the Great Mine on Jarilo-VI. She is located at the Vagrant Shelter. Speak to her there and ask “are you interested in volunteering at the museum?”

Speak to Eris and Interview Seele

Seele has a few hangups about volunteering. She doesn’t want to do it. Tell her that Bronya will be sad to hear that and she will reconsider. She will then ask for the application form. You will ask her questions to fill it in for her. There are three questions you ask and then the form is filled in.

After you fill in the form you will need to go to the museum. Head there now and speak to Eris at the front lobby area. Bronya will appear and ask to interview Seele. She then asks you to help in the process.

Regardless of what you pick during the interview, Bronya hires Seele. Seele can be equipped from the museum management mode. Her stats are 88/72/26. You also can claim 5x Stellar Jade from the Exhibit Index once she is unlocked.

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