Hollow Knight Hidden Dreams Guide

Hollow Knight Hidden Dreams Guide

Since completing my Hollow Knight Guide, I have been waiting for a reason to jump back into Hollow Knight again. Thankfully, today I got chance to do just that. On Steam, Hollow Knight players got a nice little update in the form of the Hidden Dreams content pack. Below you will find a Hollow Knight Hidden Dreams guide that will highlight all the new content we received. Let’s get to it!

Stag Station

There is a new Stag Station to unlock in Hollow Knight thanks to Hidden Dreams. This new Stag Station can be found in behind a breakable wall in the far right corner of The Palace Grounds. Head inside after breaking the wall to find a toll machine. Pay the toll of 300 GEO and the Hidden Station unlocks.

2 New Bosses

Probably the most interesting and exciting part of the Hidden Dreams update is that there are two new bosses to face off against. These bosses are White Defender and Grey Prince Zote. Both these boss fights can be fought multiple times and each time the boss will get harder.

White Defender

Location: Secret Room After Dung Defender Arena. Ground Pound below the platform beneath the liquid tank.

Achievement: Memory

Grey Prince Zote

Location: Inside Bretta’s house (need to save her from Fungal Wastes), you will find a basement. Inside the basement is a statue you can use the Dream Nail on. This takes you to the fight with Grey Prince Zote (basically Zote on steroids). *It appears you need to save both Zote and Gretta to access this fight (can anyone confirm?)*

Achievement: Dark Romance


If you hated the fact that there was no fast travel in Hollow Knight, you can now rejoice. The Dreamgate basically allows one to travel to a Dreamgate the player has put down. This will be especially helpful in areas where the run to the boss is especially annoying.

To get acquire the Dreamgate, you need to have collected at least 900+ Essence. Trade the Essence in to get the Dreamgate ability. If like me, you’ve collected all the Essence and The Seer is dead, Dreamgate will automatically be in your inventory.

Controlling Dreamgate involves placing a gate by holding DOWN while swinging the Dream Nail. To get back to the gate you’ve placed, simply hold UP while swinging the Dream Nail.

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  1. Edokan says:

    I can confirm the fact you need to save gretta and zot to have get gretta’s house basement, I only saved gretta and I can’t get to the basement. It seems you need to have them discussing in the village to unlock the basement

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