Hollow Knight Boss List

Hollow Knight boss list

Yet another spice indie game coming at you. This time the game is metroidvania Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight is a side scrolling adventure game where you explore a insect world, get cool unlocks and fight bosses. Like my Pixel Privateers list, the following will be a dedicated Hollow Knight boss list.

Forgotten Crossroads

False Knight

The first boss I fought in Hollow Knight was the False Knight. This giant, armored thing wields a huge mace and jumps wildly around the arena. To successfully beat the False Knight, focus on dodging attacks and getting one or two hits in and then retreating. The boss will call down fiery balls further into the fight so position yourself out of harm’s way. After taking enough damage, the False Knight will fall and expose its pasty white head. Use this moment to get attacks in and fill your meter up. Once you’ve gone through a few cycles of this, the False Knight will smash through the floor and fall to the floor below. Drop down after and repeat the above process until it is defeated.

Nightmare Version: Failed Champion

Brooding Mawlek (Optional)

The Brooding Mawlek is an optional boss fight. To access this boss you need the Mantis Claw , which allows you to wall jump. With that ability, (allied006 pointed out that you can actually down attack spikes) head back to the Forgotten Crossroads and the room above the Cartographer. Look for a small platform about halfway up the left wall with a break able door. Go to the end of this room and you will see a very clear area you can wall jump which has spikes around it.

The boss itself is pretty hard. It appears to have multiple attacks. If you get close it will claw you, but if you stay away it launches projectiles. One attack involves launching single projectiles and then a barrage of projectiles which seems pretty hard to dodge. The Brooding Mawlek also has a jump attack which is pretty quick. My approach in the above video was simply to tank most attacks and heal when I had the chance. Good Luck!

The Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of the two final bosses in Hollow Knight. It is hard to give a strategy here as I was at the tail end of my playthrough, so the fight is pretty easy. If you have all the charms and health, you can pretty much face tank and still beat Hollow Knight. With that being said, I will point out a few of Hollow Knights attacks.

Hollow Knight has a wide range of attacks. He can dash attack (can be dodged with a jump), ground pound, ground pound then flame column, and shoot orbs. Hollow Knight does have a pretty forgiving healing moment which happens when he seppukus himself. Use this moment to either heal or deal damage. Check out the video to get an idea about the fight. Good Luck.

The Radiance

The Radiance is the true boss of Hollow Knight and gives the game’s best ending for beating it. This boss is easily the hardest in the game as there is so much going on at once. As you start the fight, The Radiance appears before you.

You can deal some damage right away before it teleports away. The biggest thing to keep in mind with the Radiance is that most of its attacks deal 2 mask damage. This means that damage can quickly stack and kill your attempt. Also keep in mind that the arena itself will try to damage. After you deal enough damage, spikes will spawn on the lower platform. There is also a light that sweeps across the screen which can damage you and needs to be shadow dashed through.

There are a total of 3 phases to the Radiance fight: lower, middle, and upper. The lower phase takes place on the platform you start the fight on. The radiance spawns a number of projectiles which need to be dodged. There’s swords, light orbs, beams of light, and swords waves which sweep across the screen both horizontally and vertically. In essence this fight is mostly platforming with minor combat. Focus mainly on dodging and get attacks in when possible. After the first phase you platform up to the middle phase.

The middle phase is pretty difficulty. All of the Radiance attacks are the same, but the arena is much harder to maneuver. Focus here should be on attacking when convenient and retreating as far away as possible to heal. After you deal enough damage in this phase, you head to upper.

Upper is the easiest part of the Radiance fight as it only requires platforming, dodging lasers and then landing a single hit. After you’ve made it to the top, strike this hard boss down and enjoy the best ending Hollow Knight has to offer.

Troupe Master Grimm (Optional)

Nightmare King Grimm (Optional)

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The second boss I discovered was named Hornet. This character is a lot faster than the False Knight. Wielding what appears to be a giant needle, Hornet possess a few moves which can do some serious damage. There is a ground level dash, an air dash, a weapon throw and a semi – AOE attack. Similar to False Knight I found the best approach was to get in a few hits, retreat and dodge. Eventually Hornet will fall, but this boss does not die like False Knight. Maybe we will see it again later?

Fungal Wastes

Mantis Lords (Optional)

My fingers definitely hurt after this one. So far the toughest boss fight in Hollow Knight I have faced. The fight itself has two phases. Phase one is a one on one fight between Knight and a Mantis Lord. The Mantis Lords are fast, but only have three attacks (plunge, dash and throw). After beating the one on one you get to face two at once! This is where things get really wild. I wore the increased Soul Charm to give me back that much needed healing. Keep dodging and attacking and eventually the Lord’s will give you their respect.

Fog Canyon


This fight is a bit different than those you have fought up to this point. Uumuu only takes damage after being deflated by (name?) an ally who appears during the fight. The ally attack Uumuu and deflates it for a few seconds, which is when you can make your attack. The easiest strategy I can give you is to stay moving. The electricity will either follow your movement, or be stationary. When the electricity is stationary try to get into an opening before it surges. This is one of the easier fights in Hollow Knight.



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