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The third and final piece of free DLC content has finally been released for Hollow Knight. Godmaster, the new DLC, features a number of new additions to the wildly popular indie title. To help you see everything in this new update, use the Godmaster guide below.

How to Access Godmaster DLC in Hollow Knight

Before we can do anything with this new DLC, we first need to access it. To gain access to Godmaster, make your way to the Colosseum of Fools. Inside the Coliseum make your way through the combatant area (the lower portion) and head up the the hole by the hot springs. In this area you will find a breakable wall to the right. Break it and go inside. Jump off the bridge and fall into the water. Head to the right until you see an npc. The npc will run away from you. Follow it.

Note: Once you chase the npc into the next room, a door will lock behind you, trapping you in. In this area you will need to chase the npc around while dealing damage to it. Once enough damage is dealt, the npc drops a Simple Key.

Once you have the Simple Key, head back the way you came and make your way to the Royal Waterways.

Royal Waterways

Head to the Royale Waterways and make your way to the room before Flukemarm. Head to the far left corner (see picture) and you will find a Belfly near a crack in the ceiling. Destroy the crack to reveal an opening. Jump up into the opening to reach a new room. Make your way through the room (it’s a bit of a maze, but either the far left or middle openings leading up will get you to the exit). Drop down the long drop in the next room then jump off the left edge into the water. Swim to the left and you will reach Junk Pit.

Junk Pit

After you swim left through the water, you will reach a new area called Junk Pit. In this area you will find a couple of old chests and a large locked cocoon. Use the Simple Key we grabbed from the Colosseum to open the cocoon. Once opened you will receive the Godtuner. Use the dream nail on the corpse to head to Godhome.

Note: You need to have one Simple Key on you to open the cocoon. Without the Simple Key you can’t go to the Godhome.

Junk Pit NPC Fluke Hermit & Shortcut to City of Tears

Before you enter Godhome, there is an NPC in the Junk Pit we can speak with to gain a bit of lore insight. This NPC is located on a ledge above the area you dropped down into the water from Royal Waterways to reach Junk Pit. To get to this NPC head all the way to the end of Junk Pit (far left) and you will reach a wall. Jump up the wall and then use the platforms to head to the right. When you reach the far right side, you will meet Fluke Hermit on the ledge outside.

Image of Godmaster update Junk Pit to City of Tears shortcut.

There is a breakable wall that leads to City of Tears.

If you go into the room behind Fluke Hermit, you can make your way up to a shortcut that leads to the City of Tears. At the end you need to break open a bustable wall to make the shortcut accessible.


Godmaster walkthrough and guide.

Godhome is a dream like area which features a number of doors. These doors are pantheons.

Godhome is the new major area in the Godmaster Hollow Knight update. In this area you will find the main draw of this dlc called pantheons. Pantheons are challenges (or boss rushes) which involve defeating a certain number of bosses/tough enemies in a row. Alongside pantheons, there’s an area called the Hall of Gods (where you can challenge any boss), a bench, and some secrets. Let’s explore each portion of Godhome below.

Godhome Bench Location

To reach the bench in Godhome, head to the platform with the first three pantheon doors on it. Using either the left or right walls, wall jump up until you reach a new, higher platform. On this platform you will find a bench. Rest here if you wish to change charms before attempting a pantheon.


Godmaster guide and walkthrough.

There are new boss challenges to complete in this update.

There are a total of five pantheons to complete in Godmaster. Completing pantheons unlocks new, more difficult pantheons to face. If you find pantheons to be a bit to easy, there are binding you can place on yourself, which makes them harder. The bindings you can equip are as follows:

  • Nail: Removes Nail upgrades you may have. Essentially turning the nail into what it was like when you started the game.
  • Shell: Lowers your health to maximum four white.
  • Charms: Turns equipped charms off.
  • Soul: Limits soul capacity to one use, regardless of how much capacity you have.

Completing pantheons using bindings serves a few purposes. The first is if you want an extra challenge while playing them. The second and more important is to gain access to the room to the left of the Hall of Gods. In order to access this room, you need to complete eight bindings (and 12/16). Once you’ve completed eight bindings, you will find a blue dream catcher inside. Hit the blue dream catcher with your Dream Nail to unlock a blue bulb in rest areas during pantheons.

Land of Storms

Another reason to use bindings is to unlock an area called the Land of Storms. This area is unlocked by completing all five pantheons with every binding. Once you accomplish this, a crack appears to the left of the hot springs below the fifth pantheon. Interacting with this crack takes you to the Land of Storms where you will find the Weathered Mask (Journal).

Weathered Mask Description:Strange mask from a godless land, passed down over time. The design suggest the wearer’s thoughts were focused through the crest. “Gods of Thunder, Gods of Rain! Why forsake thy servants? Will Our minds be left suffering, to ache alone? What God remains to deliver Us from this woeful silence?” – Lament of the Godseekers.

Pantheon of the Master

Pantheon of the Master location.

The first pantheon is located behind the leftmost door on the center platform of Godhome.

The Pantheon of the Master is the first pantheon you will see when you enter the Godhome. This pantheon is accessible via the first gate you encounter on the center platform of the Godhome tower. For completing this pantheon you unlock the achievement “Brotherhood”. There are a total of 10 enemies you will face during this pantheon and they are as follows (in order of fighting):

  1. Vengefly King.
  2. Gruz Mother.
  3. False Knight.
  4. Massive Moss Charger.
  5. Hornet.
  6. Hot springs and bench (break).
  7. Gorb
  8. Dung Defender
  9. Soul Warrior
  10. Brooding Mawlek
  11. Speak with Godseeker (lore).
    • Why hast thou crept into this pantheon, o meagre one? The noise of thine wriggling creates much discord, drowning out the godly resonances we attune Ourselves to. Dost thou mean to thwart our sacred goal? Dost envy drive thou to such madness? We pray that the Gods of this Kingdom punish thee, obliterate thee, utterly destroy thee!”
    • Dream Nail:O Gods of Hallownest, show US your might! We shall attune Ourselves to thee and ascend higher!
  12. Starts as fight with Nailmaster Oro.
    • Becomes fight with two bosses, Oro and Mato (new update boss).

Pantheon of the Artist

Image of the location of The Pantheon of the Artist entrance.

The door to The Pantheon of the Artist is located in the center of the three doors (right of the first pantheon door).

The Pantheon of the artist can be found in the middle door on the center platform of Godhome. Like the previous pantheon, you will need to beat a total of 10 bosses in order to complete this pantheon challenge. For  beating this pantheon you unlock the achievement “Inspiration”. The  enemies you face in this pantheon are:

  1. Xero
  2. Crystal Guardian.
  3. Soul Master.
  4. Oblobbles.
  5. Mantis Lords.
  6. Hot springs and bench (break).
  7. Marmu.
  8. Nosk.
  9. Flukemarm.
  10. Broken Vessel.
  11. Speak with Godseeker (lore).
    • Ahh! Will the Gods not relieve Us of this troublesome speck? How it tests Us, seeing this worm raise its filthy weapon to the Gods! Thou hast luck beyond luck, o speck! The Gods of this pantheon, for purpose beyond Our understanding, allow you amongst them. Truly, the divine punishment they must be planning for you will be beyond all reckoning. Prepare thyself! Prepare thyself!
  12. Paintmaster Sheo (new update boss).

Pantheon of the Sage

Image of The Pantheon of the Sage door.

The third pantheon, The Pantheon of the Sage is accessible through the last gate on the center platform in Godhome.

This pantheon requires having beaten most bosses in Hollow Knight as well as completing the Trial of Fools in the Colosseum  (no longer required since v1.4.2.7) order to be accessible. Once you have all the required bosses defeated, the third pantheon will become available to play. You can find the entrance to this pantheon at the far right side of the middle platform in Godhome. Beating this pantheon unlocks achievement “Focus”. The enemies you will face are:

  1. Hive Knight.
  2. Elder Hu.
  3. The Collector.
  4. God Tamer.
  5. Troupe Master Grimm.
  6. Hot springs and bench (break).
  7. Galien.
  8. Grey Prince Zote.
  9. Uumuu.
  10. Hornet (Fight #2).
  11. Speak with Godseeker (lore).
    • Thou art painfully persistent! Why dost thou defile this pantheon with thine presence? Seek ye glory, o vain one? Thou misunderstand Our purpose. Through ritual combat are We attuned to the voices of the Gods. Ever higher do they lead Us! Higher and higher and higher! Until through Godly focus do We attain communion with that great power sleeping in the Kingdom’s heart…
  12. Great Nailsage Sly (new update boss).

For completing all three pantheons you will unlock Godseeker mode and The Pantheon of the Knight.

Pantheon of the Knight

Image of the Godhome Hollow Knight The Pantheon of the Knight.

Access to the fourth pantheon is restricted until you complete the previous three. Once you’ve completed all three, you will gain access to the tower located to the right of the central tower. Inside is the gate to this pantheon.

To access this pantheon you will need to have beaten the previous three. Once all three have been completed, you will be able to access the tower to the right of the three pantheon doors. Inside this tower you will find the gate to the fourth pantheon. You can tell your progress towards reaching this area by looking at the medals highlighted in the picture above (need three for gates to open). Beating this pantheon unlocks achievement “Soul & Shade”. You will face these enemies:

  1. Enraged Guardian.
  2. Lost Kin.
  3. No Eyes.
  4. Traitor Lord.
  5. White Defender.
  6. Hot springs and bench (break).
  7. Failed Champion.
  8. Markoth.
  9. Watcher Knight.
  10. Soul Tyrant.
  11. Speak with Godseeker (lore).
    • “Show reverence, o meagre one. Show fear! Thou approacheth a great and terrible God. Though its worldly body be bound and defiled, the glory of its pure form endures, ruler of this pantheon. Its endless power shall attune Us to the one greater still, a God of Gods! Meagre on, dost thou imagine thyself the equil of this God? Dost thou imagine thyself made in its image? Thou assume a similar shape, and the deep echo within thee seems familiar… Ahh! What thoughts are these? Thou sow blasphemies in Our mind, wretch! Begone! We pray that the God of nothingness silence thee forever!
  12. Pure Vessel (new update boss).
  13. After you finish this pantheon, you will gain access to the spade on top of the area with the fourth pantheon (right from the bench). Interact with this switch by hitting it. This will open up an area along the top right wall. Wall jump up it to reach a hot springs. In the middle of the hot springs is an opening in the roof. Jump up it to reach the fifth pantheon.

Pantheon of Hallownest

Godmaster Hollow Knight Pantheon of Hallownest location guide.

The final pantheon is located on the peak of Godhome.

The Pantheon of Hallownest is the final pantheon in the Godmaster update. Unlike every other pantheon up to this point, The Pantheon of Hallownest features a staggering forty two bosses to defeat during the boss rush. All of the bosses are from previous pantheons (besides Absolute Radiance), but you will be facing the Ascended variants (minus the two damage they deal).

To access this pantheon you will need to have completed all four previous pantheons. Once you’ve done this make your way up to the switch pictured above (to the right of the bench). When you approach it, it will open to reveal a hitable switch. Hit the switch and a ray of light shines down on you. Head over to the right side of the bench platform ledge and wall jump up. You will reach an area with a hot springs. Jump up the middle of the hot springs to reach the final pantheon. For beating this pantheon you earn the achievement “Embrace the Void”. The enemies you will face along the way are:

  1. 2x Vengefly King.
  2. Gruz Mother
  3. False Knight.
  4. Massive Moss Charger.
  5. Hornet.
  6. Speak with Godseeker (lore).
    • Mischief beyond mischief! We can not escape thee, even in this highest, most distant of pantheons. O wielder of nail, o eater of Soul. Are thee a messenger of the Gods… or something stranger? We will not defy thee, continue thy combat. We shall be listening closely…
  7. Gorb.
  8. Dung Defender.
  9. Soul Warrior.
  10. Brooding Mawlek.
  11. Oro & Mato.
  12. Hot springs and bench (break).
  13. Xero.
  14. Crystal Guardian.
  15. Soul Master.
  16. Oblobbles.
  17. Mantis Lords/Sisters of Battle.
  18. Hot springs and bench (break).
  19. Marmu.
  20. Flukemarm.
  21. Broken Vessel.
  22. Galien.
  23. Paintmaster Sheo.
  24. Hot springs and bench (break)
  25. Hive Knight.
  26. Elder Hu.
  27. The Collector.
  28. God Tamer.
  29. Troupe Master Grimm.
  30. Hot springs and bench (break).
  31. Speak with Godseeker (lore).
    • Sleeping God, We can barely feel thy presence amongst the green left behind. What strength thee once possessed fades beyond time and tune… Such magnificent scale, even in decline. If only thee could teach Us to grow as large…
  32. Watcher Knight.
  33. Uumuu.
  34. Nosk.
  35. Great Nailsage Sly.
  36. Hornet (fight 2).
  37. Hot springs and bench (break).
  38. Enraged Guardian.
  39. Lost Kin.
  40. No Eyes.
  41. Traitor Lord.
  42. White Defender.
  43. Hot springs and bench (break).
  44. Speak with Godseeker (lore).
    • O tragedy! This majestic god evades Our attunement with such ease. We live only to serve the gods, to seek them out. Why does she frustrate Us? How does she hide from Us? Does she diminish herself by choice? O majestic one, We beg thee reveal thyself! Our mind is so much less without you in it…
  45. Soul Tyrant.
  46. Markoth.
  47. Grey Prince Zote.
  48. Failed Champion.
  49. Nightmare King Grimm.
  50. Hot springs and bench (break).
  51. Speak with Godseeker (lore).
    • Even long departed, We feel the afterglow of the God-power that sat this throne… It lays heavy upon this kingdom. That lingering power alone was beacon enough to draw Us to Hallownest. How bright it must have been to mortal bug stood before it. A God so strong… Yet erased so completely. How could it happen?
  52. Pure Vessel.
  53. Absolute Radiance.
  54. Ending (Spoilers).
Note: There are two possible endings you can get in the Godmaster update. The first ending is simply gotten by completing the fifth pantheons (linked above). The second ending is unlocked by delivering the Delicate Flower to Godseeker. Delivering the Delicate Flower unlocks this interaction: “An offering? Yes. The Crawler makes an offering to Us. Rare bloom, tiny and pure. No God, though. No godliness. But Still… What does Crawler as for in return? To touch? Our thick, gleaming hide? See the exquisite face beneath Our mask? Such strange prayers! No. No! Crawler presumes too much. The gift is Ours. Kept by Us. But Our Mysteries will be preserved”. Once you’ve deliver the flower, beat the fifth pantheon to unlock this alternate ending (spoilers).

Hall of Gods (AKA Enemy Practice Area)

If you don’t want to take part in pantheons, there is another area in Godhome which allows you to challenge individual bosses and minibosses. This area is located beneath the platform that has the pantheon gates on it. Drop down and head inside to see a number of pedestals with enemies on them. Approach the pedestal you wish to challenge and select from a bunch of difficulties:

  • Attuned: Basic fight.
  • Ascended: Advanced fight with changes to arena. Enemies do double damage.
  • Radiance: Unlocked after beating a boss in ascended mode. Boss kills you in one hit.
  • Levers: Certain bosses have levers which you can hit with the Dream Nail. These levers allow you to cycle the different forms/fights of a boss.

Defeating every boss on each difficulty unlocks the new Void Idol journal entry (the statues can be found in the lower right room of the Hall of Gods). The three forms of the Void Idol unlock are (click link for screenshot):

Hall of Gods Bench

Image of the Hall of Gods Bench.

There is a bench in the Hall of Gods. Use it to cut down a bit of time when switching charms.

There is a bench located in the top left corner of the Hall of Gods. Sit here to switch up charms before challenging bosses.

Hall of Gods Zote Room – The Eternal Ordeal

Were you playing Godmaster and thinking, there isn’t enough Zote? Well I have some good new for you. In the Hall of Gods tucked away behind a super hidden breakable wall is a room dedicated solely to Zote. In this room you can challenge Zote to a fight that is called “The Eternal Ordeal”. I won’t spoil the fun for you, but definitely check it out. For a good video guide to reaching this room, watch this video by Gaming Chibix.

Note: Defeating 57 Zote’s during this fight unlocks The Eternal Ordeal menu and song.
Thoughts on our Godmaster Guide for Hollow Knight? Let us hear them in The Pit below.


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    Also, beating all phanteons with bindings will unlock a new main menu theme “The Eternal Ordeal” with Zote’s voice cover.

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