Hollow Knight Stagway Locations

The Stagway acts as Hollow Knight’s form of fast travel. When you discover a Stagway Station you will usually have to pay a fee to unlock the station. In total there are 9 stations to unlock. Once all Stagway stations are unlocked, you will be able to travel to the Stag Nest. Check out the complete Hollow Knight Stagway locations below.

Hollow Knight Stagway Locations:

1.Dirtmouth – Unlocked by opening your first Stagway Station (Forgotten Crossroads most likely)

2. Forgotten Crossroads – 50 Geo

3. Greenpath – 140 Geo

4. Fungal Wastes – 120 Geo

5. City of Tears

– City Storerooms: 200 Geo

– King’s Station: 300 Geo

6. Resting Grounds – Free

7. Deepnest

8. Queen’s Garden – 200 Geo

9. Queen’s Station

10. Hidden Station – 300 Geo

11. Stag Nest – Unlock all stations


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