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South Park The Fractured But Whole received its first piece of story DLC today called From Dusk Till Casa Bonita. This new expansion places you away from South Park and has you facing off against Vampire Kids (not to be confused with goth kids), who are attempting to assimilate Kenny’s sister Karen. Since Vampire Kids are lame, it is up to Buttlord and pals to stop the assimilation. To help you on your journey, I’ve put together this From Dusk Till Casa Bonita guide. Use it wisely.

Starting From Dusk Till Casa Bonita

When you login to your save file, you should be met with a message that says you have access to new DLC which can be reached using South Park’s DLC bus stop. In order to start the DLC, make your way to the DLC bus stop (located west of your house) and interact with the schedule on the pole. Select From Dusk Till Casa Bonita and a bus will come and take you away. This starts the DLC.

Casa Bonita Parking Lot

When you get off the bus, you will arrive in the parking lot of Casa Bonita. Here there are a number of things you can collect if that interests you. For the sake of flow, each area of the DLC will be broken up into main story and miscellaneous collectibles/friends/etc.

Main Story: To start the main story in this DLC, head to the entrance of Casa Bonita and you will see Mysterion on the roof. Walk under him and it will trigger a cutscene. During the cutscene, you will learn more about Karen and what exactly is going on. At the end of the cutscene, you will fight a number of Vampire Kids. During this fight, you will be introduced to the new class, Netherborn. You will receive the Heckraiser Costume which features Hood, Robes,  Bracelet, and  Visage.

To get you up to speed on the new class, this fight plays out like previous class tutorials in South Park The Fractured But Whole. You will be required to go through each move in the Netherborn class, and then you will win and the fight will end. Defeating the kids earns you 90XP and a Vampire Elixir. Once the fight is done, head inside Casa Bonita to continue the main story.


  • Destroyable
    • Three Newspaper Boxes (Next to Bus Stop).
  • Lootable 
    • Bag to the left of entrance at end of sidewalk (Behind Orange Car) = Vamp Bangs Costume.
  • Selfies
    • Karen (DLC Story complete).

Casa Bonita Entrance

Main Story: Entering Casa Bonita will place you in the entrance/admission area. Directly in front of you will be a lineup with an old lady who is struggling to find a payment method. If you try to enter Casa Bonita’s Dining Room, you will be stopped by the host who basically tells you you can’t enter without a Meal Ticket. Let’s get a Meal Ticket then.

To get the Meal Ticket, head to the left past the line and soda machine until you reach a closed door marked Portero. Open the door and grab the stool inside. Drag the stool over to the counter beside the flaming grill. Use the stool to stand on the counter; pause time (fart power) and run over to the cashier. Grab the Meal Ticket out of his hand and then return to the stool. Take the Meal Ticket to the Host and he will let you inside the Dining Room.


  • Destroyable
    • Soda Machine = Gives Quest Item “Ice” (remember for later).
  • Lootable 
    • Queso container behind stool in Portero cupboard.
    • Purse leaning on on bench leg (right side of room).
  • Selfies
    • Host.

Dining Room

Main Story: Inside the Dining Room you will trigger another cutscene. This cutscene reveals the area and highlights where you want to go next. Before you go to the Vampire Kids, be sure to free Cartman from jail (move the camera to take a picture of him). This will add him to your party. Once Cartman is in your party, head over to the Vampire Kids.

When you reach the Vampire Kids, another cutscene will trigger. Once the cutscene finishes, you will have to fight. Halfway through the fight you you will get a new party member in Henrietta. Finish the fight to earn your first Vampire Relic (1/4). We need to collect a total of four Vampire Relics to unlock the locked VIP Room door. These relics are in three rooms in Casa Bonita: the Lower Dining Room, Arcade, and Black Bart’s Cave.


  • Destroyable
    • Garbage Can and Paper Towel Dispenser in Men’s washroom (Hombres).
    • Garbage Can and Paper Towel Dispenser in Women’s washroom (Mujeres).
    • Electricity sign near Dining Cave entrance.
    • ATM Machine by Lower Dining Room entrance.
  • Lootable 
    • Terrance + Phillip Backpack bedside table near arcade entrance.
    • Pursue under sink and container in third stall in Women’s washroom.
    • Above the washroom through the Dining Cave (use stairs) is a pouch.
    • Mariachi Sombrero on wall beside photo/jail area. Knock it off with firecrackers.
    • Bat Backpack beside locked Vampire door (can be seen in picture above).
    • Lock box beside Vampire door (can be seen in picture above).
  • Selfies
    • Master Vampire (DLC Story Complete).
    • Mike Makowski (DLC Story Complete).
    • Drew (Collect all coins in Water Level and give to him).
    • Cartman (give 10 food items. Thanks Kevin!)

Lower Dining Room

It doesn’t really matter what order you do the three rooms, so I’m going to start with the Lower Dining Room since it’s close by the locked Vampire door. To get here, head down the steps beside the ATM near the birthday party table.

Main Story: Inside the Lower Dining Room area you will see a group of Vampire Kids and Chiquita the Gorilla cooking. You need to defeat the kids and Chiquita to get the Vampire Relic (2/4). Defeating Chiquita and company earns you 90XP, 1x Sopaipilla, and 1x Honey Sopaipilla. Once they are defeated head to the next area (Arcade or Black Bart’s Cave). If you want to play a number of arcadey minigames, go to the Arcade first, otherwise head to Black Bart’s Cave to avoid having to play the minigames.


  • Destroyable
    • Vase.
    • Beam over stage that drops pinata (distracts a Vampire Kid).
  • Lootable 
    • A number of presents.
    • Backpack near Chiquita’s cart.
    • Dresser backstage.
  • Selfies
    • Chiquita the Gorilla (give Ice from Soda Machine after defeating – see “Casa Bonita Entrance”).
    • Rafael (wear Mariachi Mustache).
    • Manuel (wear sombrero).
    • Jorge (wear sombrero and mariachi suit)
    • Hector (wear long black colored hair. Thanks Astroke67!)



The Arcade is located to the fair right of the main area of Casa Bonita. Leave the Lower Dining Room and walk right until you eventually reach it. Inside the Arcade you will find a number of mini games you can play, as well as prizes to be earned. 

Main Story: This area doesn’t have a boss fight, but there are a couple of Vampire Kids you will need to fight (defeating them earns you 90XP and 1x Vampiric Elixir). Once the Vampire Kids are dealt with, you will learn that the Vampire Relic you seek is an arcade prize, and you will need to collect 15 tickets to buy it. There are two ways of collecting these tickets:

  1. Play any of the three arcade games to earn tickets. Games are: Fish Quest, El Chupacabra, Bola Skee. The better you do in these games earns you more tickets.
  2. Access Chest in Black Bart’s Cove with 15x Tickets inside.

Regardless of which you choose, collect 15x tickets and trade them in for the Vampire Relic (3/4). Once that is done, head to the final area, Black Bart’s Cove, which is located north of the arcade.


  • Destroyable
    • Bola Skee machine ticket taker (Bertie is standing beside it).
  • Lootable 
    • Purse under air hockey table.
    • Bat Backpack on DDR machine.
    • Terrance and Phillip Backpack in the right corner by El Chupacabra.
  • Selfies 
    • Bertie (unjam tickets in Bola Skee machine).
    • Calvin (Buy the Sombrero Bear for 15 Tickets and give it to him).
    • Mrs. Winkleman (Make Calvin stop crying)

Black Bart’s Cave

Black Bart’s Cave is a two part room with an entrance puzzle and then a boss room. Both of these rooms will be broken down below. The entrance area features a chest with 15x Tickets inside, which can be good if you don’t want to play the Arcade games.

Main Story: We need to make our way inside Black Bart’s Hideout to find the final Vampire Relic. To do this, we first need to solve the entrance area puzzle. This puzzle is basically about getting passed the kids in line to take a picture with Black Bart, and dealing with the minecart blocking the exit.

To get passed the kids, shoot the lantern above the TNT crate to reveal stairs heading up. Head up the stairs and knock the second beam down to cross the gap. Cross the gap and use your Time Pause ability to push the barrel past the fire to the rocks. Head down the ladder to the minecart on the right. Move the minecart all the way to the right and then use your Time Rewind ability. Knock break the barrier and head into Black Bart’s Hideout.

Inside Black Bart’s Hideout there really isn’t much besides a boss fight. Head towards the pike of gold/treasure and you will hear some vampiric hissing. This triggers a boss fight with the real Black Bart and some Vampire Kids (you earn 90XP and 1x Sopaipilla for defeating). Complete the fight to earn the final relic (4/4). Leave the cave (either go back the way you came or head right through the door that leads to the jail/photo are of Casa Bonita’s main room) and head back to the locked VIP door.


  • Destroyable
    • TNT Barrel
    • TNT Box
    • 3x Barricades
    • Rocks
  • Lootable 
    • Purse by table.
    • Treasure Chest top left of first room.
    • Treasure Chest top right of first room.
    • Piles of gold lower area of first room.
    • Chest in Black Bart’s hideout
    • Piles of gold in Black Bart’s hideout
  • Selfies 
    • Black Bart

VIP Room

Main Story: Besides a boss fight in this room, there isn’t much else of interest. Inside this room you will face off against Mike and a gang of Vampire Kids (for defeating you earn 90XP and 1x Vampiric Elixir Recipe). Once you do beat Mike & the Vampire Kids, they will run away, heading into the backstage area of the waterfall. Follow them through the door into the backstage area (door has Dracula on it).


  • Lootable 
    • Presents
    • Bat Backpack
  • Interactable
    • Guest Book

Behind Waterfall/Backstage Area

Main Story: The main goal of this area is to get to the top of the waterfall. This can be done by using Fartkour. Head to the bridge with the vases/cactus cutout on it. Break the vases and cactus and make your way across. Reverse time so they reappear. Use Fartkour to access the first level. From this level, shoot the elevator down and then use Fartkour to access the second level. On the second level, reverse time and use Fartkour for a third and final time to reach the upper area of the level.

Once in the upper area, you will need to complete a bit of a time distortion puzzle. Basically what you need to do here is use the knockable rafter to create a ramp leading up to the right. Walk up the ramp and trigger your time reversal. Walk across the rafter and pull the large hanging sled to the right. Knock the rafter down so it creates a ramp leading up to the left. Head down the ladder to on the right side and walk up the ramp. Up here is a door leading to the top of the waterfall.


  • Lootable 
    • Chests
    • Lockers
    • Lock Box

Game End

Main Story: On top of the waterfall, you will trigger a cutscene and boss fight. You will need to fight the Master Vampire. Complete this fight and Michael Jackson will be summoned. He will grab Karen and jump off the waterfall. Jump after him and you will trigger the Water Level (collect all coins in this level for sidequest). After completing the Water Level, you will appear back in front of the VIP Room door. Here you will fight Michael Jackson. Defeat Michael Jackson to complete the DLC’s story.

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22 responses

  1. BadSanna says:

    There are two ways to get meal tickets. The host is holding one in his hand. If you throw pops at him he drops it and you can pause time and pick it up before he does. You still need to do the rest to get the ice to give the Gorilla after beating him up to get his selfie, though.

  2. Stav says:

    How to get out of dusk till casa bonita?

  3. chasity says:

    how to rest the game i got stuck on ramp and the slide thing is blocking me from getting up there i try to make both ends pf thing fall but you only make one them fall so some one please tell me how rest the game

    • A says:

      You can rewind time, pause time and break both ends to move on

    • Tom says:

      yeah, i’m having the same problem. Fortunately, I already beat the dlc but i wanted to try to get back to the water level. The slide thing is all the way to the right, so I can’t get up the ramp/beam and i can’t move it. Not sure if there’s anything that can be done except load a earlier save.

  4. Timmy says:

    It’s not Michael Jackson, it’s Corey Haim. Ignoraaaance!

  5. lostabroad says:

    Just don’t do what I did, and jump all the way down after moving the hanging sled all the way to the right. If you try to go back up you’re now blocked by the sled and unable to get to where all of the oil barrels are. Not sure if I’m missing some way to get back up there, but looks like I’ll have to start the dlc the the beginning.

    • enricofairme says:

      That’s brutal. Hope you figure it out.

    • Oblongmind says:

      Same thing happened to me but luckily I saved right before all that occurred. The game may auto save but it’s important to save certain areas in different save slots to help from starting over.

    • Aimee says:

      Thank God I’m not the only one.. I’ve been searching the Internet for an hour trying to figure out how to get back up there and thought I just couldn’t figure out the puzzle because I’d been staring at it too long. Buhhhhhhhhh

  6. enricofairme says:

    Anyone know where the gloves for the Mariachi set are? I can’t for the life of me find them.

    • Astroke67 says:

      For the last mariachi selfie you need to equip long black hair (equip any long hair and select black paint).
      Hope it helps!

    • Kevin says:

      Kenny’s selfie doesn’t count since you already selfied him from the main story. (You can selfie karen twice for some reason though – her normal look in main and her vamp look in dlc) Instead you can now get cartman’s selfie from this dlc. Just gotta give him 10 food items. He’s sitting at a table by the lower dining room area (near drew and the well) After finishing casa bonita i have a total of 145 selfies. (130 from main, 15 from dlc)

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