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South Park The Fractured But Whole received another piece of story DLC today called Bring The Crunch. In this new DLC the South Park gang heads off to Lake Tardicaca where things quickly turn into a nightmare. To help you navigate Lake Tardicaca (and the Bring The Crunch DLC in general) I’ve put together this Bring The Crunch guide below. Let’s get started shall we? Note: This guide is currently being updated.

How to Access Bring The Crunch DLC?

Before we dive right into the Bring The Crunch DLC, let’s first establish how you go about accessing it. Like previous DLCs in South Park The Fractured But Whole, the Bring The Crunch DLC can be accessed by heading to the South Park Bus Stop. The Bus Stop can be found in South Park along the street to the west of your house. At the Bus Stop DLC station you can select which DLC you wish to access. In our case we want to access the Bring The Crunch DLC, so select it from the prompt. When you do this, you will be taken to the Bring The Crunch DLC location.

Bus Stop – Report to Lake Tardicaca

When you arrive at the start of the Bring The Crunch DLC, you will be put in the Bus Stop out front of Loomis Gasoline. In this area you will find a number of lootable containers as well as a Vending Machine:

  • Lunch bag in Bus Stop.
  • Lock Box by Out of Order Gas Pump.
  • Backpack in trees to the right of Green Truck (Spirit Board consumable).
  • Box by Red Gas tank behind Old Mechanic.
  • Backpack in trees to the left of the Welcome to Lake Tardicaca sign.
  • Backpack in trees across pathway to the left of the Lake Tardicaca sign.

Once you’ve looted all the containers head to the next area which is to the Left (follow the red arrows on and beside the Welcome to Lake Tardicaca sign).

Lake Tardicaca

When you leave Loomis Gasoline, you will reach Camp Tardicaca which is located on Lake Tardicaca. Upon entering Lake Tardicaca you will trigger a cutscene which sets the stage for the DLCs story. Also during this cutscene you will meet Mintberry Crunch (AKA Bradley Biggle), a new hero that is automatically added to your party. After the cutscene you will be able to look around Lake Tardicaca. There’s a number of lootables in this area which I will list below:

  • Bag by tree at right of entrance (stay along the outside of the logs). Containts the Spiral Braids haircut.
  • Bloody backpack to the right of entrance.
  • Grade School Avenger Lunch Box laying on log to the left of entrance.
  • Bloody Backpack by tree beside Showers.
  • Paper lunch bag beside Butters.
  • Thermos and Backpack by fire in front of Mess Hall.
  • Cooler beside picnic table to the left of Mess Hall.
  • Behind the third bunk house (doesn’t have a light or numbers). Throw a firecracker at the propane tank and then use a fart to blow up the canoe. Inside the chest is the Rainbow Roller Suit and Party Bowl haircut.

After you’ve collected the loot, make your way over to the Showers and inspect the bloody wall/axe found there. Doing this will trigger the next objective, “Meet Fastpass in the Misty Forest“. The Misty Forest is located to the right of Camp Tardicaca.

Screenshot of South Park The Fractured But Whole Bring The Crunch Haywire Puzzle

Before you can reach The Misty Forest, you need to complete a quick Haywire puzzle.

Before you can get to The Misty Forest you will need to complete a brief Haywire puzzle. All you need to do here is shoot the electrical panel with a firecracker and then use Haywire’s ability to turn off the electricity. Once clear you can continue heading to the right.

The Misty Forest

Screenshot of South Park The Fractured But Whole The Misty Forest

When you enter The Misty Forest, you will see a couple of friends.

Upon entering The Misty Forest, you will see both Fastpass and Mintberry Crunch standing near a bloody object. Go up to the object and inspect it to trigger a fight with some Monsters. This fight serves as a quick tutorial for using Mintberry Crunch. About halfway through the fight, you will trigger a spontaneous Bootay, which basically means you need to run for a cabin during the fight. Once at the cabin, you will trigger a new sequence which involves grabbing some wepaons while Bootay is breaking in.

Cabin – Find Weapons to Beat the Monsters

Screenshot of South Park The Fractured But Whole Cabin

After running from Bootay, you will wind up in a cabin. Here you will need to collect four weapons to advance.

Inside the cabin you need to grab four weapons to help fight the monsters. Before we dive into completing the objective, let’s loot a bit first. There are a number of items that can be looted in the cabin so let’s take a look at what they are:

  • Toolbox beneath old glove on workbench.
  • Toolbox on workbench (pause time and climb ladder to get at it).
  • Cabinet to the right of step ladder (pause time to reach).

With the lootables out of the way, let’s grab all four weapons. To progress you need to grab the Axe, Hedge Clippers, Circular Saw, and the Sledgehammer. To grab each weapon, see the brief guides below.

How to Get The Axe?

Screenshot showing how to grab the Axe in South Park The Fractured But Whole

Use the steps below to grab the Axe.

Move the ladder to the left beside the clamp. Shoot the Axe with a firecracker to get it to fall onto the workbench. Shoot the broken shelf above the bear trap to trigger it. Climb the ladder and grab the Axe (Mission Item).

How to Get The Hedge Clippers?

Shoot the Hedge Clippers with fire crackers to make them fall onto the work bench. Pause time and move the ladder to the right until it is underneath the Hedge Clippers. Pause time and climb the ladder and grab the Hedge Clippers (Mission Item).

How to Get The Circular Saw?

Hit the Turpentine with a firecracker so it lights on fire. Use a fart to blow up the box the Circular Saw is on causing it to fall. Shoot the wood holding up the 2×8 to make a ramp up to the Circular Saw (Mission Item).

How to get The Sledgehammer?

First up you are gonna want to pause time and move the ladder to the left (away from the electricity), so you can access the workbench. Before climbing up, knockdown the shelf on the right so you create a ramp up to the top of the toolbox. Climb the ladder and the ramp and stand on the toolbox. Reverse time so the shelf returns to its original position and shoot the right side of it so you can access the higher shelf. Walk across the shelf and grab the Sledge Hammer (Mission Item).

Once you have all the weapons, talk to Fastpass to unlock the Final Girl class. With the new class unlocked, make your way out of the Cabin to confront the Monsters, trigger a cutscene, and start another battle. This battle serves as a tutorial for the Final Girl class. Completing the battle earns you the Jack O’ Suit, Jack O’ Head, and the Super Sleuth Merit Badge. Once this battle is complete you can head to the Mess Hall to meet Timothy.

Before you head back to the Mess Hall, there are a couple of lootables you can grab along the way in The Misty Forest. These lootables are all viewable from the pathway and they include the Tardi Cap (Costume).

Mess Hall – Find the Missing Counsellors

When you arrive back in Camp Tardicaca, you will be met by Butters and a whole ton of blood. Head towards the Mess Hall and you will be prompted to take a selfie with a ghost (for a sidequest). Take a selfie with the ghost and continue to the Mess Hall. Inside the Mess Hall you will trigger a cutscene featuring a really dead counsellor. This triggers the next objective which is to “Find the Missing Counselors”. To do this we need to search both the Shower Building and the Burial Grounds. Since its close, let’s start with the Shower Building.

Shower Building

Inside the Shower Building you will find a Counselor and get attacked by some Monsters. Defeat the Monsters to complete the Search the Shower Building objective. Before you leave, let’s loot!

  • Cabinet underneath sink.
  • Gym bag on bench near Caution wet floor sign.
  • Laundry hamper on bench near open grate.
  • Bag in shower stall left of counsellor’s stall (Tardi Suit).
  • 3x Brain pieces on floor, roof, and mirror.

After collecting all of these items you can leave the Shower Building or head down the open grate into the Old Mines. If you do enter the Old Mines, be warned that you have to complete the area as there is no way back up to the surface until you do.

Optional: Old Mine

Make your way below the Showers to reach the Old Mines. This area is optional.

Inside the Old Mine is a ton of loot and a ghost. Let’s take a look at everything found in this area.

  • Chest slightly left of where you fell.
  • Ghost beside light.
  • Box beside ghost.
  • Treasure Chest in front of Keep Out sign (Manic Mess Wig).

There are a number of lootable containers in the Old Mines.

Once you’ve gathered all of this, make your way to the bridge and push the minecart onto it. Destroy the bridge to cause the minecart to fall into the water, allowing you to reach the other side. On the other side you can move the box (access the backpack beside it to get the Bush Hat) with the crack in it beside the GTP box to make a staircase up. Climb the staircase and go up the ladder. Shoot the higher ladder down so you can grab it and climb up to the Haunted Bird Cage. Take the Haunted Bird Cage to the Ghost to get a selfie with Milton Barker.

Return back across the minecart and make your way to the far right side. Shoot the wood plank to make a ramp up and walk up it. Reverse time and make your way to the right until you see a mine entrance with Keep Out written across it. Shoot the right side of the mine entrance to make a ramp down. Walk over to the generator and shoot the electrical box and water pipe. This causes the elevator to fall. Pause time and walk over tot the elevator to get the Lumberkid Suit, Beanie, and Mustache.

To get the treasure chest that appears unreachable (in front of the Keep Out sign), pause time and shoot both corners of the platform to make it fall. Once the platform falls, you will have access to the chest which contains the Manic Mess wig (thanks to k0bogiga for the tip).

The ladder pictured here is your way back to the surface.

Head back to the middle section and make your way to the spot pictured above. Move the ladder to the far right and climb up it by the sparking water. Pause time and move the crate to the right. Climb down the ladder and move it left to where the box was. Climb up the ladder and use the large ladder to escape. You will emerge by the DLC Bus Stop.

Burial Grounds

Located by the Cabin we escaped Bootay in is the Burial Grounds (look for sign that says Burial Grounds). Make your way here to look for more Counselors and continue to the main story. Inside the Burial Grounds you will find a number of enemies to fight so be prepared for that. Once you’ve defeated the enemies you’ll receive Scarecrow Cowl (costume), and trigger another cutscene. In the cutscene there is a dying counsellor who wants you to gather some burial ground dirt to sprinkle upon him. You need to gather 12 pieces of Burial Ground dirt to advance.

  1. First resurrection spot by three teepees (4).
  2. By the cow skull wearing headdress (4).
  3. Furthest resurrection spot away from counsellor (4).

Once you’ve gathered all of the Burial Ground dirt, return to the counselor and sprinkle it on him. Turns out the dirt doesn’t work. Oh well. Before you leave the Burial Grounds, grab the various lootables around.

  • Backpack by mound of rocks/arrows by Keep Out sign.
  • Lunchbox by tree stump (Little Red Riding Suit + Hood).
  • All three teepees (Dream Catcher Recipe).
  • Box on rock by broken tree. Shoot right side of tree to make a ramp up (Howling Costume).
  • Suitcase by exit (on path).

When you are nearing the exit Timmy will talk to you about exploring the psychic element at the camp. To do this, we need to head back to Camp Center.

Camp Center – Investigate the Psychic Disturbance at Camp

Image of South Park The Fractured But Whole Nathan's Cabin.

When you enter the center of the camp, you will see Fastpass standing by Nathan’s Cabin. Look in the window to trigger a cutscene.

When you enter the Camp Center you will see Fastpass standing beside the South Cabin. He mentions that the cabin is locked and this might serve as some sort of clue. Climb up onto the logs beside the window and look inside to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene Nathan’s Cabin becomes unlocked, meaning we can go inside and grab the Boathouse key.

Nathan’s Cabin

Inside Nathan’s Cabin you will find a number of lootable items. Like always, let’s grab the items before moving on with the story. Below is everything you can grab in the cabin:

You can grab the Boathouse key up top by moving the gas can to the bunk (between steps and luggage) and reversing time to cross the surfboard. With key in hand, make your way to the Boat House.

Boat House – Follow Nathan to the Lake Pier

The Boat House features a number of lootable items you may want to grab.

Inside the Boat House you will find a number of lootable containers which feature some good stuff. Before we move on, let’s grab everything we can. Here’s what you can loot in the Boat House:

  • Cabinet straight ahead.
  • Cabinet beside punch dispenser.
  • Clothing bin on Towels locker. Shoot duck floaty on ground by Bait box. Move the drink dispenser into the space between Bait and workbench. Drop Westsuits on top. Shoot workbench shelf on right side to make a ramp. Should look something like this. Grab the Lakewatch costume from bin.
  • Swimwear costume on top shelf. Use workbench shelf as ramp up and then reverse time to reach.

Once you have all the loot, walk out through the back door to trigger a cutscene on the pier. The last counsellor is alive and we are gonna try to save them. To do this we need to defeat Nathan! For defeating Nathan you get the Lagooned Costume set and the Psychotic Episode DNA.

After defeating Nathan, an alien comes down and takes the Counsellor away. Before chasing after her, loot the dock for everything there. Make your way back to the Camp Center when ready.

Minigame: Interact with the box of dynamite on the dock to start the fishing minigame. This minigame is used to complete the Marine Life badge.

Mess Hall – Retrieve Milk From The Mess Hall

As you make your way to the Camp Center, Timmy will tell you he can help, but he requires sustenance. This sustenance comes in the form of Milk that can be found in the Mess Hall. Make your way to the Mess Hall and you should see the Milk Bottle on the counter to the far right. To grab it, move the Used Oil container between the Canola Oil and the edge of the countertop to make a stairway. Climb the stairway and destroy the soda machine. Shoot the left side of the glass shelf the milk is on then freeze time and run and grab it. With milk in hand it is time to pay Timmy a visit just in front of the Mess Hall.

Camp Center – Defeat The Alien

The final boss fight takes place across two battles. Come prepared!

When you talk to Timmy outside of the Mess Hall a cutscene will trigger. This cutscene shows that the alien was mind controlling Timmy to get the milk which is Mintberry Crunch’s weakness. We also learn that Nathan and Mimsy are also under mind control and must be defeated (again). To complete this part of the story you need to defeat the Alien. Combat takes place over a couple of battles, so come in prepared for some two long fights. For defeating the alien you earn Alien Evolution DNA and the Reptilia Costume. After the fight you will see the final cutscene for Bring The Crunch and will have completed the DLC. Congratulations!


Once you complete the DLC you can get a number of selfies from characters you interacted with during it. Below is a list of followers you can add at the end of Bring The Crunch.

  • Nathan (Camp Center)
  • Mimsy (Camp Center)
  • Collette Francis (Camp Center after earning Paranormal Badge)
  • Timmy  (Camp Center after earning Disability Awareness Badge)
  • Libby Perkins ( Camp Center after earning Native Heritage Badge)
  • Chad Handler (Camp Center while wearing DLC costume)
  • Reggie Burke (Camp Center after earning Marine Life Badge)
  • Dennis Murray (Camp Center, burn marshmallow on fire)
  • Bradley Biggle (Bus Stop)
  • Old Mechanic (Bus Stop)

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Thoughts on this Bring The Crunch guide? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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