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South Park The Fractured But Whole‘s newest DLC Bring the Crunch features a number of side quests in the form of Merit Badges. These Merit Badges can be unlocked by completing certain activities throughout the park. One of the Merit Badges you can unlock is called Paranormal Investigation. This badge is all about revealing ghosts’ true identities on Coonstagram by completing tasks for them. To help you complete these tasks, I’ve thrown together this Paranormal Investigation guide.

Camp Center Ghost – Len Hamlich

This is the first ghost you will come in contact with during Bring The Crunch DLC. When you see this ghost, you will be prompted to inspect and then take a selfie with it. From here you will be told to find an item (a Haunted Doll) inside the Mess Hall. Make your way inside the Mess Hall and you will see the Haunted Doll on the right side beside a table. Interact with the doll and it will move to the table on the left (shoot the light down to make a ramp). Interact with the doll and it will move to on top of the vending machine (to reach the vending machine, pull the oil container to the empty space between the counter and the green container making a staircase up. Climb up and shoot the sign down to make a ramp). Make your way up to the Doll and it will move to the middle of the room. Grab the doll and head back to the ghost to become friends with the ghost of Len Hamlich.

Old Mines Ghost – Milton Barker

The Old Mines are accessible by going down the open grate in the Shower Building. In this area you will need to complete a number of mini puzzles to reach the exit. There is a ton of loot down here for the picking as well as a ghost. The ghost is located beneath the red light to the right of the entrance. When you take a selfie with the ghost you will be prompted to find the an item. To get the item move the box (access the backpack beside it to get the Bush Hat) with the crack in it beside the GTP box to make a staircase up. Climb the staircase and go up the ladder. Shoot the higher ladder down so you can grab it and climb up to the Haunted Bird Cage. Take the Haunted Bird Cage to the Ghost in to get a selfie with Milton Barker.

Misty Forest Ghost – Wayne Wilson

The ghost of Misty Forest is located near the entrance before you head into the Burial Grounds. Take a picture of the ghost to reveal a flock of crows and trigger the next portion of the quest. In the next portion you need to rid the Burial Ground of the creatures (crows) in the selfie. Make your way into the Burial Grounds and shoot the three crows you see there (two in the trees by the no trespassing sign; one on the post beside the Keep Out sign). Return to the ghost to become friends with the ghost of Wayne Wilson.

Bus Stop Ghost – Lisa Jankowski

You will find the ghost of the Bus Stop next to the rock on the left of the pathway leading to the Camp Center. Snap a picture with the ghost to trigger a short quest involving Nathan’s Cabin (Cabin #23). Nathan’s Cabin remains locked until you watch the cutscene during the “Investigate the Psychic Disturbance at Camp” objective of the main story. Once you’ve seen the cutscene, the cabin becomes accessible. Inside the cabin you will find the Haunted VHS in the TV on the right side of the cabin. Return the VHS to the ghost to become friends with Lisa Jankowski.

Boat House Ghost – Ken Flannery

In order to access the Boat House you need the key from Nathan’s Cabin. This means you will need to progress the story until you gain access to the cabin (and the Boat House key). Once you have the key, make your way inside the Boat House to the final ghost. This ghost is located beside the flaming surfboard to the left of the entrance. Once you have a selfie with the ghost, you will be prompted to find the costume hinted at in the picture.

The costume can be found on the top shelf in the Boat House. To get to it shoot the shelf beside it to make a ramp up. Walk up the cardboard ramp to the shelf ramp and make your way all the way to the left. Reverse time and walk over to the costume. Wear the costume while taking a selfie with the ghost to become friends with Ken Flannery.

Camp Center – Talk to Fast Pass to Receive Your Badge

Now that we’ve completed all the Paranormal Investigation requirements, it is time to get our Merit Badge. To get the badge, return to Fastpass at the Camp Center (located just to the left of the Mess Hall). Like other badges, getting the Paranormal Badge helps upgrading the Sash of Ultimate Merit.

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  1. Gezzer says:

    “Interact with the doll and it will move to on top of the vending machine. Make your way up to the Doll and it will move to the middle of the room.”

    Okay, and how do I make my way up to the doll when it’s on the vending machine? I can get the sign to drop but I can’t get up on to the counter to climb to the top. Hardest part of this part of the quest and you gloss right over it. GJ…

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