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South Park The Fractured But Whole‘s the Bring The Crunch DLC features a number of side missions in the form of Merit Badges. Merit Badges are earned by completing certain objectives to complete. For the Native Heritage badge you need to collect material to make a Dream Catcher relic. Use the Native Heritage guide below to find everything you need to earn the Merit Badge.

Native Heritage Requirement

Screenshot of the Native Heritage merit badge being unlocked.

The Native Heritage badge is earned by crafting the Dream Catcher relic.

To unlock the Native Heritage Merit Badge, you need to collect three items to make a Dream Catcher Artifact. These items are hidden throughout Camp Tardicaca and require paying attention to your surroundings to find. To complete this badge you need to collect the following:

  • 3x Crow Feathers
  • 1x Shoelace
  • 1x Paper Plate

Thankfully for us, these items are easy to collect. Let’s get started.

Burial Grounds – 3x Crow Feathers

The first item we will collect is the Crow Feathers. The feathers can be gathered in the Burial Grounds by shooting the three birds found near the entrance. There are two birds sitting in the trees flanking the “No Trespassing Tardicaca Burial Groundssign and one crow sitting on the post beside the “Keep Out” sign. Shoot the birds with your firecracker and loot the feathers off the ground when they fly away.

The Misty Forest – 1x Shoelace

Image of the shoelace location in South Park The Fractured But Whole The Big Crunch DLC

Before you enter the Burial Grounds, you should see a pair of shoes on a branch up high. Shoot it and grab the shoelaces out of them.

The second item is located just before the entrance to the Burial Grounds. Look up into the trees and you will see a pair of shoes hanging on one of the branches. Shoot the shoes with your firecrackers to get them to fall to the ground. Loot the shoes to receive the shoelace we need to make the Dream Catcher relic.

Old Mines – 1x Paper Plate

Image of the Paper Plate location in South Park The Fractured But Whole.

You will find the Paper Plate in the toolbox on top of the generator in the Old Mines.

You can find the third and final item inside the Old Mines. Head to the far right of the Old Mines until you see an old Generator with a toolbox on top. Shoot the toolbox off the generator to get it to fall on the ground. Interact with the loot on the ground to receive the Paper Plate. We are now ready to craft the Dream Catcher relic!

Craft Dream Catcher Relic and Get Badge

Image of the Dream Catcher Artifact in South Park The Fractured But Whole.

Once you’ve acquired all the materials necessary you can craft the Dream Catcher Artifact.

After you’ve acquired the items highlighted above, it’s time to craft the Dream Catcher relic. To do this, select the Craft option and make your way to the Artifacts tab. Scroll down until you find the Dream Catcher and hit craft. Once the item is crafted, return to Fastpass to receive the Native Heritage badge.

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