Far Cry 5 Game Endings – What Are They and How To Get Them

Far Cry 5, like other Far Cry games, features a few “endings” to the game’s story. These endings are mainly tied to choices you make during certain moments of the game, and are largely for those who want a little bit more storyline. To help you see all the endings of Far Cry 5, I’ve put together this brief guide. Below you will find all the Far Cry 5 game endings, along with how to get them. Note: Heavy Spoiler Below. 

Ending 1: Leave the Church During The Warrant Mission without Joseph Seed

The first ending in Far Cry 5 can be triggered during the game’s opening 10 minutes. During The Warrant (the first mission you play), you along with a number of other law enforcement officers arrive at Joseph Seed’s compound in the hopes of arresting him. At the compound, you head inside a church to find Joseph Seed preaching. After a brief cutscene, you will be asked to cuff Joseph. Delay cuffing him and eventually you and the officers will leave. This triggers the end credits.

Ending 2: Leave Joseph Seed During Where it All Began

The second ending in Far Cry 5 isn’t triggerable until the last story mission called “Where it all Began. ” In this mission you return to Joseph’s compound for a final showdown. Once at the compound you will confronted by Joseph Seed who will let you either leave or stay to face him. Choosing to leave the compound will trigger the above ending (via YouTuber Zanar Aesthetics).

Ending 3: Stay and Fight Joseph Seed at Compound

The third ending is the outcome you get if you choose to stay and face Joseph Seed. This results in a brief boss fight and results in a different ending then you will see in ending 2. This ending results in a nuke exploding and a brief escape in the hopes of reaching a bunker. See the ending above (via YouTuber Zanar Aesthetics).

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