How to Unlock the Militia Outfit – Far Cry 5

There are a number of outfit options available for your character in Far Cry 5. These outfits range from crazy (like the Omega outfit), to the more subtle and stylistically inline ones like the Militia outfit. Like many outfits, the Militia outfit needs to be unlocked before you can equip it on your character. Here’s how to unlock the Militia outfit in Far Cry 5.

Go to The Armstrong Residence

The Armstrong Residence in Far Cry 5 location.

Located close to the alien crop circles (Bradbury Farm) is the Armstrong Residence. This house has been burned down, but is the site of a Prepper Stash. Completing the Prepper Stash unlocks the Militia outfit.

Complete Prepper Stash: Foxhole

When you arrive at the Armstrong Residence, you will be greeted by a number of PEGs. Clear the area and read the note on the ammo boxes. It basically says that there is a bunker beneath the burned down house with a number of supplies inside. Looks like we are going into the house.

From the ammo boxes. Jump into the open window directly east of you. Hang a left and go into the next room. Jump over the half broken door and go up the ramp onto the second floor platform. Drop from the platform into the next room and look for a table and shelf together. Use them to reach the roof. Drop off the roof into the next room and then crouch under the doorway with the leaning rubble. The hatch is inside this room. Access it to complete the Prepper Stash and unlock the Militia outfit (as well as money and perks).

How to Equip the Militia Outfit

To equip the Militia outfit, open up the menu and select Character Customization. Select Outfits and you will find the Militia outfit close to the bottom.

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