How to Unlock the Flight Crew Outfit – Far Cry 5

There are a number of outfits you can unlock to customize the look of your character in Far Cry 5. Some of these outfits are simple in design, while others are more complex. One of the more simple looking outfits is the unlockable Flight Crew. Find out how to unlock the Flight Crew outfit below.

Head to Taft Lookout Tower

The Flight Crew outfit is awarded after you complete a Prepper Stash located at Taft Lookout Tower. To start the Prepper Stash, make your way to the lookout tower which can be found east of Peaches Taxidermy. Once at the tower, make your way inside and grab the Prepper Stash note to start.

Complete Prepper Stash: Overwatch

After reading the note, you will learn that a group of preppers went up to Raptor’s Peak (located east up the mountain). To make the climb either use a helicopter or have the grappling hook perk unlocked. Once on the summit, there are a number of people along with a bunch of bald eagles. Head west and you should see a tent and the Prepper Stash on a nearby ammo box. Once you’ve found the stash, you will unlock the Flight Crew outfit.

How to Equip the Flight Crew Outfit

To equip you new found outfit, open the games menu and access the Character Customization option. Select Outfit from the categories and you will find the Flight Crew outfit in the fourth row from the top. Hit equip if you want to rock it.

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