How to Unlock the Omega Outfit – Far Cry 5

how to unlock the Omega outfit in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 features a number of customization options for the main character. These items come in the form of various clothing pieces and many of the sets can be unlocked by completing certain tasks in Hope County. One outfit that is pretty interesting to unlock is the Omega outfit (makes you look like a spaceman). Below you will find out how to unlock the Omega outfit in Far Cry 5.

Meet Guy Marvel

To start the quest associated with earning the Omega set, you need to meet Guy Marvel. Guy Marvel is filming Blood Dragon 3 and requires some assistance. To find Guy Marvel, head to Faith’s Region and make your way southeast of the Moonflower Trailer Park. Here you will find the Grimalkin Radon Mine. Guy Marvel will give you the quest Quiet on the Set when you meet him there.

Quest: Quiet on the Set

To unlock the Omega outfit, you need to complete Quiet on the Set. This side mission has a couple of steps that I will lay down below.

Talk to the 1st A.D.

The 1st A.D. in Far Cry 5.

The 1st A.D. is actually just a sound guy and he will direct you to kill the noise in various areas around the shoot.

  1. Truck to the west that is honking + wave of enemies.
  2. Return to Dean.
  3. Head to the area south and there are a number of enemies you need to defeat.
  4. Return to Dean
  5. Head to the north and destroy 2 speaker trucks and a couple of waves of special PEGs.
  6. Speak to Guy.
  7. Side Mission Ends and you get the Omega outfit.

How to Equip the Omega Outfit

To equip your new Omega suit, open the Menu and select Character Customization. The Omega outfit is close to the bottom, directly beneath the Militia outfit. What do you think of the Omega suit?

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