Grand Slam Guide: Find All Baseball Cards for George – Far Cry 5

There are many side missions and collectibles scattered throughout Hope County in Far Cry 5. One side mission which involves collecting things is called Grand Slam. This side mission is given to you by George Wilson. Grand Slam involves finding 9 baseball cards scattered throughout Hope County. Below is our Grand Slam guide where you will find the locations of all 9 baseball cards. Important note: You can buy maps of collectibles locations under the Items tab at the Shop (recommend doing this).

Get the Quest from George

To start, we need to get the quest from George. George can be found in the Baseball Diamond at the Oberlin Picnic Area. Approach George and speak to him to open the Grand Slam side mission. Basically you need to collect 9 baseball cards and return them to him.

1. McNeill Residence (on shelf in building)

2. F.A.N.G. Center (on shelf in Merch building)

3. SE of F.A.N.G. in Cabin (on shelf inside)

4. Gas Station North of Widow’s Creek Bridge (on shelf inside)

5. Cooper Cabin (on shelf in bedroom)

6. In Building Near Communication Tower to NE of Grand View Hotel (on shelf inside)

7. Trailer to the NE of the Baron Lumber Mill (on shelf inside)

8. NW of McKinley Dam in Smoking Cabin (on dresser inside)

9. Shed to the South of PIN-K0 Radar Station (inside on shelf)

Turning in All 9 Baseballs

After you’ve collected all 9 baseballs, return to George at the Baseball Diamond at the Oberlin Picnic Area. For completing this side quest you receive $900 and the Cougars T-shirt (pictured above). To equip the t-shirt, access the Character Customization tab on the menu screen. The shirt is found under the upper body section.

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