How to Unlock the Flamebearer Outfit (Live Event Week 1) – Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 features an interesting system called Live Events. Each week a new event releases which features some type of challenge and reward that is specific to that event. This weeks Live Event is called Well Done and completing it earns you the Flamebearer flamethrower and Flamebearer outfit. Below I will show you how to unlock the Flamebearer outfit in Far Cry 5. Note: We are now on Week 2′ Event.

View the Well Done Live Event

To unlock the Flamebearer outfit, you need to complete this week’s Live Event. To view the event, “Well Done“, open your start menu and look at the cards. On the bottom card the Well Done event should be featured (may need to scroll for it with the bumpers).

Complete the Well Done Live Event

After accessing the Well Done event, you are going to want to complete it to unlock the Flamebearer outfit. To do this you need to kill as many animals as you can with fire, but without using either the flamethrower or molotovs. The community has already completed the requirements to unlock the Flamebearer outfit, but you need to at least light one animal on fire to unlock it.

How I completed this activity easily was simply head to an area with Bison (since they wont run away from you when on fire) and use the repair torch. This took only a few minutes to complete. Once done, I had unlocked both the Flamethrower Flambearer and the Flamebearer outfit.

How to Access the Flamebearer Outfit

Once you’ve unlocked the Flamebearer outfit you can find it in the Character Customization tab of the menu. Head here and access the Outfits section. Scroll down to the last row and you will see the Flamebearer outfit. Equip it if you so desire.

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