How to Unlock the Deer Season Outfit – Far Cry 5

As you run around Hope County, Montana, you will probably notice an abundance of deer in the area. Since this is Far Cry and hunting is par for the course, you may want to hunt down some of these deer for sport. The problem with this plan is that you may not look the part. Well, thanks to the many outfits in Far Cry 5, you can dress yourself up for Deer Season. Here’s how to unlock the Deer Season outfit in Far Cry 5Note: you need a grappling hook for this mission. 

Head to The Bridge of Tears

To unlock the Deer Season outfit, you are going to need to complete a Prepper Stash located close to the Bridge of Tears. To start the Prepper Stash, make your way to the Bridge of Tears (located east of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm). Once here, head to the south end of the bridge and you will find a note sitting on top of some ammo boxes. Read the note to start the Swinger Prepper Stash.

Complete Prepper Stash: Swingers

To complete the Prepper Stash – Swingers, make your way to the scaffolding on the bottom of the bridge. Using your grappling hook, swing along the bottom of the bridge until you reach a large section of scaffolding and an X on the wall. Walk forward and drop down to the area you see a backpack (in front of you). Turn around and you should see an X on the wall again. Walk forward and the floor will break. You will fall and land inside the Prepper’s Stash. This unlocks the Deer Season outfit.

How to Equip the Deer Season Outfit

To equip the Deer Season outfit, open your menu and navigate to the Character Customization tab. Access the Outfit option and you will find it in the third row from the top. If you want to equip it, simply select equip. If you don’t want to equip it, do as the shirt says and “Buck off.”

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