How to Unlock The Widowmaker Semi – Far Cry 5

There are a number of ways to cruise around Hope County in Far Cry 5 including planes, sweet trucks, and even a semi truck. If you are interested in adding a semi truck to your rotation, there’s an unlockable truck called The Widowmaker which will fill your heart with glee. Find out how to unlock The Widowmaker in Far Cry 5 below.

Travel to Fall’s End

To get The Widowmaker mission, make your way into John Seed’s territory to a place called Fall’s End. Fall’s End can be found in the lower south portion of the region and is under heavy PEG presence. Help clear out the town and make your way to the Spread Eagle. Here you meet Mary May, who will offer you The Widowmaker mission. Accept the mission and let’s get started.

Complete: The Widowmaker Mission

To complete The Widowmaker mission, head to the Grain Elevator to the northwest of Fall’s End. On this property are a number of PEG enemies to deal with. Regardless of how you choose to deal with them, The Widowmaker can be found in the shop (see second picture). Once you get the truck you will be prompted to drive it back to the Spread Eagle. Along the way back there are a number of PEG roadblocks you will need to ram. Once returned to the Spread Eagle, The Widowmaker will become available for you to use.

Using The Widowmaker

To use The Widowmaker, access any Garage in the world and select the Heavy tab. The Widowmaker can be found at the bottom of the list. Have fun running down literally everything in Hop County in your new big rig.

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    Is there a spawn limit for the Widowmaker and other vehicles? Say you spawn the Widowmaker 40 times throughout the game and it doesn’t let you get it anymore cause you’ve used it the 40 times you could so basically a limit. Is that a thing or no?

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