Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Oriental Sorcery Lab Guide

Once you’ve made your way through the Inverted section of the Castle Entrance, you will arrive at the Oriental Sorcery Lab. This area features a specific item we want to grab in order to get the game’s best ending. To help you get through this area here is our Oriental Sorcery Lab guide.

Oriental Sorcery Lab Map

Image featuring the Oriental Sorcery Lab Map

The Oriental Sorcery Lab area is a somewhat large area with tons of enemies. Use the map above to get oriented on where you need to be headed.

Make your way down the first vertical room. Head inside the next long horizontal room. In this room grab the Gold Chest in the lower left corner. Ignore the chest under the bridge here (backtrack to get later) and head right into the next room. Keep going up in the next two rooms (don’t go left yet) and you will reach the upper area of the Dian Cecht Cathedral.

Dian Cecht Cathedral: Bell Tower

Image showing the Dian Cecht Cathedral: Bell Tower.

In this bell tower room there are two chests on the left and right sides of the room. These chests contain Hair Apparent II and another item. Grab both and head back to the Oriental Sorcery Lab. Return to the first room of the two vertical rooms where you can go through a left exit.

Oriental Sorcery Lab: Teleporters

Image of the Oriental Sorcery Lab: Teleporters.

Inside this room you will come face to face with these red teleporters. These teleporters teleport you to different locations depending on which side of them you enter. In the first teleporter go in the right side. This will take you one teleporter over to the left.

In this room jump up and enter the right side of the teleporter above your head. This will take you to the left side of the furthest teleporter. Break the left wall here to reveal a hidden room. Go into the room to get a Kitsune Mask. Return to the teleporter and enter it. Enter the left most teleporter from the right side to reach the floor above.

Image of the Oriental Sorcery Lab: Teleporters.

On this floor jump over the furthest left teleporter to reach a room with a Green Chest in it. Open this green chest to get the Ramen/R. Return to the teleporter room. Jump over the first and second teleporters and enter the third teleporter from the right side. This will take you to the floor above.

Image of the Oriental Sorcery Lab: Teleporters.

Jump up and enter the portal on the ceiling from the right side (the one right of the portal you start at). This will take you to the upper left of the room. Here head left through the two rooms until you reach a Green Chest at the bottom. Open it to get the Crimsonite Equipment/R. Return to the portal room. Head to the very right side of the room and Invert. Drop through the furthest right portal on the ground to reach the exit.

Oriental Sorcery Lab: Dojo

Image of the Oriental Sorcery Lab: Dojo.

In the next room you will be inside a large dojo. Go into the right room first and kill the mimic. Return to previous room and head all the way left to reach a Fast Travel room. Return to the previous room, grab the Gold Chest then jump up to the floor above.

On this floor make your way to the right side. Use your Reflector Ray to teleport through the hole in the wall. Open the Materials Chest here then head into the room to the right. Grab the Hair Apparent VIII from the chest. Return to the Dojo and jump to the floor above. Head all the way to the left and exit the room.

Oriental Sorcery Lab: Temple

Image showing the Oriental Sorcery Lab: Temple.

In this room walk up the stairs to the left and hit the wall. You will earn a MAXMP UP. Jump up and exit to the next room via the middle right exit. Make your way through the hallway full of Ninjas to reach a room with a statue in it. Hit the nose of the statue to get Manju. Head up and go out the top exit. Go right in this room until you reach a Green Chest, inside is the Ofuda Talisman. Head back to the room with the statue and take the top left exit.

In the following room grab the Materials Chest on the way up then head through the top right exit into the Save Room (opposite boss room). Save your game then proceed to the area boss.

Oriental Sorcery Lab Boss: Zangetsu

Image showing the Oriental Sorcery Lab Boss: Zangetsu

The boss we face in the Oriental Sorcery Lab is Zangetsu. For defeating Zangetsu you receive the True Zangetsu Medal, the Zangetusuto blade, and the His Blade achievement. Once you have this blade you are ready to unlock the real ending of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.

With the blade in hand make Fast Travel to the Livre Ex Machina room above OD’s library. The end is getting near!

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